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Outing Chat / Re: Green's Lake area, 2012-11-02 with Joe
« on: November 04, 2012, 12:33:44 PM »
Are you actually telling me Puck was poling your boat?  Was the poling platform rated for such a Sasquatch? Bet you had a great time. Post up some more pictures if you can. Are you going to attend the Marsh Outing?

Outing Chat / Re: RUSSIAN'S BIG UGLY
« on: November 04, 2012, 11:53:38 AM »
Man would I love to, but I am here on work and didn't even bring a rod.  (Stupid Me) Heck I could find the fish here cause I lived here for a couple of years but i never fished the marshes until Alan Kulcak moved over here for a while. Unbelievable!

« on: November 04, 2012, 09:37:28 AM »
I have put up a new outing under the November Outing thread above.  Check it out we'll be fishing the marshes around the big bridge in bridge city Texas. The fishing should be excellent especially for big flounder. Forget the Catch and Release catch some you better keep'em. This is a kayak outing for the members who love this form of fishing and it's only an hour and half from Houston. NO EXCUSES! Sign up Now.  Dave will fix the thread so it will have the correct Date on the sign up page.  The outing is scheduled for Saturday November 17 2012.

I have caught some big oversized redfish here as well as healthy sized trout.  Last year I caught a big striper here too (12 lbs.) big. Come join us for the day.  No excuses PUCK you are going!

« on: November 04, 2012, 09:29:08 AM »
iI am working over in the Port of New Orleans.  The other day this ship from Nassau Bay pulled in and began to unload.  One of the shipmen to this opportunity to go fishing off the back of the ship and this is what I saw him catch!
this was his fishing hole

Being slightly happy

This is what he caught.

Use your closeup mode to see the size of this drum I guesstimated 30 lbs.  I was talking to the guy the whole time thinking he was understanding me...nope didn't speak much English at all. I had him give me his phone number so I could send him his photos which I did. We met at the boat's side.  They cleaned the fish even after I told them (the one guy who spoke English) that it would be full of worms and stuff.  Didn't make any difference they'd been on board for three months and it was fresh food!


Outing Chat / Re: What to do in November?
« on: November 03, 2012, 01:11:48 PM »
Ok you Kayakers it's time to come out of the closet.  Sign up for the Sabine Refuge Outing or I will nominate you for latrine clean up at the sunfish spectacular where Puck has been know to Ruin the outhouses.

2012 and Previous / Re: November 2012 Fresh Water Outing?
« on: October 30, 2012, 07:00:44 PM »
Did you think about the Bayou.  It just got a hair cut and access is very easy now.  I know it's free so it just cant be that good.  Ok pay me and you can catch all you want! Why don't you have a most varied species outing? ...and no using any left over turkey legs either!

As the photos come in I will post them up. You cant tell we had a great time can you?

Adam was getting started Saturday Night before Dinner!

So not being out done Alex finished off the single malt scotch!

so it was time to assemble the troops at Cathy's for dinner.  The first group got seated.

After dinner it was awards time so in front of everyone in Cathy's George accepted his TFF ONE FLY TROPHY.

So after a good night's rest this is what greeted us once out on the bay Sunday morning!  Thank You Lord!

Here are some photos from Saturday where our newest TFF Saltwater Crew member Don Hasselmann stuck a few in the mouth. I suggested he and Mike go over to this absolutely beautiful shoreline and boom he got bit!

...and more than once too.

Nice work guys glad you were able to make it down. From Red Ops HQ to the Renagade Redfishers job well done!

Well for those of you who didn't go we had a blast down in POC this past weekend.  I know the Rodeo was cancelled...but not for those who really love fly fishing! We had at last count 11 fishers including Dave and Pete who always join us down here in POC all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico!  We had M. Quigley, G. Sutherland, A. Muire, J. Richards, D. Hasselmann, B. Sandler, A. Blacque, S. Fossum, Dave and Pete, and our roving Concert Reporter S. Breedlove, (more on that later).

Fishing was good and the weather could have not been better except for the wind. The food and drinks were awesome as we had an ample supply from Alex's wedding leftovers. Including several wonderful single malts. Did I say we had a blast!

Friday night we all gathered at the Red Ops Compound. After the gear was all loaded onto the boat fleet we went to Cathy's for dinner and it was delicious, the guys all made some awesome salads (all you can eat) and there were fresh shrimps everywhere.  I had the grilled pork chops and Adam ate one of those big "A" cheese burgers. We then returned to the compound from some after dinner drinks and fun.  ...and it was fun. During the evening we were receiving texts and photos of the ZZ Top concert by our club’s roving concert reporter Scott Breedlove.  He was sitting in the seventh row center and having a blast. Although I am sure he is a little hard of hearing now! See photos below.

The next morning (ahh what I remember of it) we all gathered at the Speedy Stop getting our lunches, drinks and their famous breakfast tacos. I missed Scott Fossom at the store but the guys told me he was present and accounted for. I missed a lot at the store that morning... The trip to the ramp and we started dropping the boats.  There is always somebody at the ramp to cause a ruckus and this time was no different.  One boat parked at the base of the ramp...nobody nearby and the boat was just aimlessly drifting about.  I found the owner and helped him move it to a slip out of the way of the rest of us.  We took off and headed to the J-Hook Flats where we found beautiful water and lots of fish.  The sun was rising to help with our vision and the fun was ON!

Alex and I got our wade on at the entrance into Fish Pond.  WOW was it lit up! We instantly found the place was full of bait meaning the predators were not far behind. He caught a big red and I a big trout and red + a small lady fish. The other guys either waded off or George poled his boat down the outside edge of the opening to Fish Pond. Which it look like George was going to need a little instruction in poling as he was out there doing a few 360's before getting his new boat pointed in the right direction.

With the wind bowing a stiff 15 to 20 all day everybody headed downwind towards the Coast Guard station ruins and we were steadily finding fish - some ate some didn’t. The normal POC herd must have taken the weekend off as it seemed we had the place to ourselves.  We later went out to Pringle to mess with a couple of hundred drum.  George couldn’t believe how many there were.  And this week they were joined by quite a few redfish. But like last week these fish had a serious case of lock jaw!

Saturday night we again met up a Cathy’s and had dinner and gave out the prestigious POC One Fly Award to the winner George Sutherland we also shared some excellent champagne (remember Alex’s wedding) and toasted both his winning and his new boat which is now named …Piquen Bonita (meaning little pretty – hey wasn’t that a line from The Wizard of Oz!).  I hope I spelled it right…sorry George if I didn’t! Anyways we again ate like we were famished.  I will say this everybody was in bed by 11:00 PM no late night partying like Friday.

Here are some of my photos and some sent to me by George.

Party On Adam!

View of Don Hanselmann's boat. Big Shallow Sport.

Here is George's New skiff...pretty isn't she!

This is what George could see from his boat's console.

Good looking water ahead! Alex is just off to my right.

Ooops fish on!

Nice Fish

Here is a good one caught from the bow of Georges skiff!

Here's what Jim used.

Not the best way to end a great weekend!

We fished Sunday and had some good results too. some of the photos above are from Sunday too.  I didn't get any pictures of a nice 20" trout I caught but Alex was there for the mayhem and I also caught a real good sheepshead on the fly. Bigger than the one I caught last week shown in a thread above this one.  Well I wished we could have had more of you down for the fun but I understand. I know I have left a lot out so you guys when you post up your reports fill in the blanks.


Outing Chat / Re: California Fly Fishers
« on: October 17, 2012, 05:28:26 PM »
Puck I'm worried about you...are you speaking to us?

Wait I get it those are Jerry Jeff Walker song titles...Way to Go Puck

                                                                                                         er I think?

Fly Fishing Gear / Re: Abel/St Croix Combo
« on: October 16, 2012, 05:59:54 PM »
I just dream of fish that big.  My largest tarpon 140+ came on 30 lb class spinning gear but I have two around 100 lbs that came in on ten wts. One rod rolled over and died after that fight. Sage fixed and returned to Owner.

Outing Chat / Re: California Fly Fishers
« on: October 16, 2012, 05:55:14 PM »
DOOD California guys don't drink beer...its chardonnay or merlot. DOOD PLEASE

Here is the latest up date.  THE POC CROWD IS GROWING BIGGER EVERY DAY!

First off, TFF member Rod Henderson, his Dad and Brother are going to join us. We'll all get to see his new Beavertail skiff! Dave Lord and his buddy Pete from New Mexico is making the trip for the third year in a row and they will be fishing out of Dave's boat! Long Hair Dave is a maybe if I can arrange some stuff for him (and I will). New member Don H. is going to join us it looks like and will be bringing his 22' Shallowsport...Yeah baby! Bad news is that Martin Weir left for Arkansas to fish there 'cause he thought the Rodeo was Cancelled! FUDGE!

I'll post up a list of fishers and boats as I know later today.  You guys need to start finding rides and boats now! If we have some kayakers we'll drag yer boats out to good water for you.

Fly Fishing Gear / Re: Abel/St Croix Combo
« on: October 15, 2012, 11:07:54 AM »
My research came up with the reel (Able 4N) being used for small to medium trout... why is it paired with a 12 wt. rod?  The rod retails in the 500.00 range as does the reel.  Strange combination.  I'm betting there is a misprint somewhere. Check this info out. Seems like a good deal if reel handles the line.

Able Reel review
St Croix Rod info Note: I'm not sure if the rod on our site is an "Elite" model.

Outing Chat / California Fly Fishers
« on: October 15, 2012, 10:51:51 AM »
I heard from Jerry Phan today who is going to put together a trip or two this next year for his Fly Fishing Club members to come fish with us here in Texas.  He's first interested in the Sunfish Spectacular and also the POC One Fly. WOW I CAN'T WAIT these are the guys who fish from the back seat of their convertible Beemer's HAHAHA!  We need to get these guys set up with accommodations and partners. I am already thinking about a reciprocal agreement!  Small mouths to Makos yeah baby!

Just was contacted by Long Hair Dave (good friend of TFF) and he is checking his belongings for a hall pass for this weekend.  Has anybody contacted their boat partners? Mike I gave you first shot at a boat don't forget. George keep the info coming.  I'd suggest the wet run for Thursday down in POC. Then you could just stay. Anyways more info as it comes available.  LODGING I'd think so.

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