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Outing Information Only / Re: May 2013 POC JETTY OUTING
« on: May 04, 2013, 10:42:02 AM »
I have put out a blast to many of our Saltier members and hoping to kick start this outing.  Heard from Sam Lee and Gary Evans. I think Gary is good to go and Sam is pondering the idea of big fish "all night long".  Sam told me John C. sold his Maverick...well there goes one of the fleet! Unbelievable...guess John's days fly fishing will be few and far between now.  Too bad he was so much fun to fish with. But I'm betting he'll be fishing with some of his guide buddies.  Can't keep a good man down I always say.

Events and Information / Historical Archive?
« on: April 15, 2013, 06:54:00 AM »
Who is keeping the history of our club.  Is there some kind of depository for some of our collectables? This might be something our club may want to address.  Everything from books, magazines, antique rods, reels, flies, etc.  Has anybody thought about retaining our history somewhere so that others in the future might be able to learn what we are all about?.

This thread is absolutely no good without pictures!

Fortunately Mike Quigley and I were able to fish today on the WOB!  As always the fish were there and ready to cooperate.

Quigley's beautiful little Chichlid

I caught this Bass

...and this one

This one ate a prop fly that was tied during one of the fly tying classes out by the horse track.

I also caught a chichlid and was going for a slam but was denied!

Tying Chat / Re: weighting EP flies
« on: April 01, 2013, 06:21:01 PM »
Weigh to go Puckster! ;D

Orvis / Orvis
« on: March 24, 2013, 06:50:29 PM »
I was astounded when I found out that Orvis spelled backwards is Sivro!  Who da thought?

About Us. / Re: Redfish Rodeo
« on: March 24, 2013, 06:44:34 PM »
Again don't believe everything you read here. We didn't have the Redfish Rodeo in 2012...well maybe at least some of us did!

Not Far From My House...I'm in for the Casting on 4/12 ...morning or afternoon? Do we get to go on enchilada lunch day? Do we bring our rods or are we using the TFF school rods? I think I want a new rod...I know I can instruct much better with a new Sage rod. My reel is OK but a new Able Tidewater would sure help them "lay it down"! With a new Sage rod and an Able reel I will have them casting more tight loops than a rug weaver! Jus Say'n....:)

Outing Information Only / Re: March 2013
« on: March 24, 2013, 08:16:54 AM »
Thanks for the report Mike. Sorry I could not attend.

My day consisted of going to POC and seeing what it would take to bring back my RV camper to Houston.  Once there, Scott (S-I-L) Dale (Future S-I-L) did a few repairs, cleanup the grounds, hooked up the lights, (didn't work) and pulled her out. Well all of that went real well! This trailer hasn't been moved in four years and we were expecting troubles you should.  We pulled her across the street and aired up the tires which went well. None of them looked in poor condition.

While the boys were working on the hook-up I decided to try to start my boat. Key in, turn and she started right up! Be it that the warning lights were flashing and she was only running on two cylinders. I could tell all that was wrong was a fowled plug.  I ran some water through the motor and the boat engine did fine!  Well now that was a good omen for sure!

We took my push pole over to KT’s place and chatted with him for awhile.  By the way, if any of you are planning a tarpon for this summer you better schedule KT now. Anyways enough of the spam, the trailer was pulling around town just fine. Still no lights but …

We started out for Port Lavaca and had made it about three miles, when a tire (the oldest one on the trailer) let go taking out the plastic fender skirt but that was it for any damage.  No big deal.  We disconnected the trailer and went back to town taking the spare (in real poor condition) and the blown tire to see if we could upgrade the spare and buy a new running tire. Port O’Connor Marine (Chris Mapp) had everything we needed, (now let’s all say in unison…CHA-CHING $$$). While Chris’s guys we mounting the tires we went over to Cathy’s for a Cardio-Cheese Burger which both of the boys were in cholesterol heaven after downing theirs and of course a table sized order of FRIED onion rings! Anyways back to Chris’s place to pick up the tires and return to the trailer out on the hwy.

Once mounted on the spindles we wee off and all was cool.  We stopped at the TA stop in Ganado to check out the trailer and all was good.  We drove back to Htown hardly noticing the trailer was behind the truck (2009 1 ton Ford Diesel). We had a problem coming into Rosenberg where the road had a bunch of heavy-duty bumps.  The Trailer’s canopy mounts gave way at the front mounting and that peeled back a single piece of siding at the very bottom.  We pulled over and took about fifteen minutes to repair using several sheet metal screws, some cussing, and a cold beer from the trailer’s refrigerator. We made back to my house without any other problems. SWEET! 

So now I/we have another project piece to work on to get ready for the upcoming season.  I am figuring on fixing the back portion of the floor, interior wall paneling, and getting the waste tank repaired.  Other items will get addressed as needed so she should be in ... let’s just say a whole lot better condition than she has been over the last few years.

Now let’s talk my boat…since my house has SOLD I will be using some of the proceeds to get that new trailer I have been talking about. I will bring the boat back to Houston. Once here, I will re-gelcoat the floor, resurface and finish the console and hull, repaint the casting and poling platforms, replace the fuel line – install an external fuel filter and cutoff switch, have the bottom end gone thru replacing the water pump and the impeller for sure. And of course have the engine tuned up. Oh yea and have my prop re-done if not buying a new one.  Should have that all done by the first of June I’d say.  Once back in that condition she and I both will be ready for this summer down in POC.  I will tell you this I will be putting a electric winch on the trailer and Teflon runners on the bunks and NO more will the trailer be getting dipped into the salt water.   I will be staying …meaning buying into my nephew’s trailer and will be fishing once again with all of the reckless abandon that I once did. Man will that be nice.  So get ready for many outing down south.  Also my revamped trailer may be up for sale…I don’t know Scott and the family may want for trips to Galveston or where ever.

Outing Information Only / Re: March 2013
« on: March 20, 2013, 06:10:54 PM »
I have a contract on my house ...YEAH BABY! But I will still have to do some work before the inspection:( If I were to go I'd have to borrow Kayak. I'll see.

Outing Chat / Re: Hopedale, LA
« on: March 18, 2013, 12:11:41 PM »
WOW WEE WOW WOW! Awesome Joe with an 8 Wt. I bet you were shaking like a leaf. You Da Man!

So what about a Bayou Bash down on the White Oak PUCK!  I hear a couple of the guys are coming over this weekend to give it a try.  We could go do it next weekend...not this Im too busy with the house but next should be good for me.  Last year we had a terrific turnout.  What is your schedule like? 8)

Outing Chat / Re: March?
« on: February 27, 2013, 01:37:41 PM »
Hey Dave anybody showed you how to post a picture on this forum yet!!!!!!! Jeez Louisees

Outing Chat / Re: March?
« on: February 26, 2013, 06:27:08 PM »
Heck I thought you he's tuff.  The boy needs to get out with the guys soon! 8)

Outing Chat / Re: March?
« on: February 25, 2013, 07:21:01 PM »
So bring him to our meeting! I like the idea of a kayak outing this month.  Dan could you and Mike Q put this one together for me.  I am going to head up a White Oak Bayou Bash this month. But will attend the salt outing for sure.  I'll have to borrow a yak.

Outing Information Only / Re: February 2013, Prison Permit
« on: February 25, 2013, 01:23:04 PM »
Well the Texas Prison Permit Invitational was a super success. This tournament always brings out the cream of the crop. The guys who attended are all top notch fishers and love the Salt.  I want to say a special thanks to Alan K, Wendel B. and Bill W. for allowing us to stay at their places.  The guys who stayed at Bills got to catch some nice reds under the lights during the early morning hours.  Also a BIG thanks to all of the guys who brought their boats down and took out our riders.  We could have never had this outing without you guys.  Wow the Launching was awesome everything from the best of the skiffs 4 HPX’s, one Hell’s Bay, one Beavertail, and one cool Boston Whaler…thanks guys!

Dinner Friday night was fun and good grub too.  Only problem was that Dan’s Chilli Joint ran out of cornbread before we even got there which was at 7:30 PM. But their food was good. Big-ass burgers, a chilli dinner with a corndog in it, real tasty tamales and ice cold draft SHINER BACH.  WHOO-WEE!

We retired back to the East Matty compound and enjoyed some real adult beverages and cigars talking about the day to come.  Everybody was a little worried about the forecasted weather and wind conditions but none-the-less up to this point everthing was AOK!

The next morning came soon enough and conditions were rather calm with some high clouds but not anything like the forecast. I soon received phone calls from the guys coming in Saturday Am and all were present and accounted for…even Jerry Loring came in to take share in the roundup.  Puck, Sam, and Jerry all met up at the Caney Creek Marina. The rest of us met up down at the Caney Creek homeowner’s launch.  The cruise across the bay was very good without a whitecap in sight.

Fishing was not good in the morning with wind and off-colored water being the problem where we went. Wendell and I tried the north side shoreline and saw a couple but it was impossible to get a shot at them.  As the winds calmed around 10 am everything started to come together.  We poled a shoreline that was full of bait activity and several hard hits were heard (undoubtedly some big trout scarfing down their breakfast) as we poled along.

We decided to check out the other side of the bay and found several of our fishers doing their thing but at this point nobody had any “captures” yet.  Sometime after lunch it all started to come together. Wendell and I found a boat load of sheepshead over several reefs but they were playing hard to get. We later found out to be successful we should have waded the area like Alan and his brother did. They said the fish would spook off at all.  They were the most successful boat catching three and hooking up five more.  Bill caught two during his wade of the extreme south shoreline. I caught one, as did Arron, and Alan.  George caught a nice “dinner” sized flunder!

Here are some of the picture’s I shot during the am launching.  The rest of the guys will download their pic’s soon enough.

Here is Alan’s place where most of us stayed.

This is the bedlam during the morning “gear-up”

As you can see the weather isn’t that bad just a bit nippy!

This is my partner Wendell B. on his fine HPX Maverick T

This is Alan and his brother Steve on Alan HPX!

Dan has a firm hold of Sam’s Boston Whaler and that Is Jack K. getting his HPX ready at the next boat birth.

As far as who won the event we had a first for this event…well actually two firsts if you know what I mean. There were two fishers who tied! They also were the latest two fishers to join our club. (The day before and that morning)  Steve Kulkak, Alan’s older brother caught two sheepshead and so did Bill Wallace.  Now since both of these guys are East Matagorda residences you’d figure they had a slightly better chance than the rest of us but they stuck out hard conditions instead of driving around looking for fish to jump in their boats. So after a major discussion between the tournament committee I am announcing here and now that each of the Champion Fishers shall hold the trophy for 6 months each and have their names entered on the plaque for all time. However next year we will have a tie-breaker determined for just such a happening.  So CONGRATULATION FELLOWS!

See you guys at the next TFF outing...for the freshies THE WHITE OAK BAYOU BASH!


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