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Outing Chat / THIS IS WHAT I HAVE NOT BEEN DOING!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: December 20, 2011, 07:46:11 AM »

Outing Chat / Newby Nigel hits the Bayou
« on: December 11, 2011, 05:41:10 PM »
What a gorgious day today was, cool morning and warm afternoon. geese in the air and fish wanting to cooperate that 'bout says it all.
Met up with Nigel from our board and we hit a stretch of the White Oak today.  When we arrived at our first destination we set up a plan how we would attack the fish.  Nigel broke out his fly box loaded with home spun flys that looked like he was an acomplished tier.  I said those will work pointing to several different flys but I said the chartruse and olive clousers with the red underside would be killer.  His eyes lit up "yeah I just tied those up after reading your posts. "Well there you go McCloud" somebody does listen.  As we walked down the embankment he remarked that he wasn't much of a bass fisher.  I told him i'll ask you that question in a couple of hours and see what you say! He also was amazed at how clear the water looked and that it did! The water was as clear as I have seen it lately. This was going to be good.  We set up and I pointed out several deep holes where I thought we should start. After his first cast I heard him say, "Darn I just missed one".  My first cast was met with the familar "thump" and I had my first fish on but while fighting the fish another larger bass came out and tried to steel the fly out of the mouth of my fish. While Nigel was still casting in his spot a large flight of canadians could be heard directly overhead and I told him to look up and see the geese and come and join me and lets see if I can get you on this larger fish.  After telling him where to cast he laid the fly in the spot perfectly and whamo the big girl slammed the fly and the fight was on.  I looked over and saw a grin ear to ear! Should I ask him now? We both stood over this hole and alternated casts.  We took at least ten bass out of this deep hole that was probably no more than 25 long x 15 wide x 3 foot deep.  Saying the fish were stacked up would be the obvious.

My first out of the "honey hole", look close you can see her trying to escape to no avail!

The geese overhead heading to Katy!

Here's Nigel landing his first White Oak Bass.

Can you see his grin?

One down and many more togo

Here is a poor picture of another out of the honey hole.

Our first double.

So after awhile we relocated to another deep hole.  Here's Nigel.

Ooops another getting the picture here!

Life is good!  Thankyou Jesus!

Say Aaahhhh! This little fly did the trick until I lost it.

I always like to show that we catch little one too.

Definately the most beautiful fish of the day!  Thanks to MIke I lost this one too in the weeds behind me.

Another look who would have thought Chichlids would be in this bayou?

By this time Nigel had to return to his studies but I have a feeling there will other trips to the bayou for him.
Hey Nigel what do you think of these little guys NOW!

Till next trip.  Hey Matt sit down and tie some of these lil bugers up. See you later in the week. Scott you missed a good day.
 8) 8) 8) 8)


Outing Chat / Pre-fishing the Bayou for the Guys!
« on: December 10, 2011, 04:00:54 PM »
Had a chance to get out this evening to pre-fish several areas as tomorrow Scott B and Jared F are coming out to take part in some Bayou antics.  Although the temp was 55 degrees the bass were readily on the feed. So much so I broke off on two larger fish.  Guys don't bring any wimpy 10lb. leaders 12 -16 much better.  Especially when lifting your fish up the imbankment. Lost two fish and two good flys.  Mike Arnold's green cookie and one from I don't know where. That fly I caught six fish in six casts! the last was just too big to lift up the bank... I have some pictures of the fly.  It was a clouser type with brass barbell w/ painted eyes, dark orange head wrap, yellow white olive and burnt orange body with a couple of copper flash fibers that really flashed in the water.  Look at the fly in each of the pictures below.  If you can tie some I want some ...easy as that!

First fish out of this hole. Note fly

Next fish Note same fly.

Believe it or not another fish on same fly note where fly is position in fishes mouth.

Here's the next fish from the same hole.  This place was loaded.

Here is a (too) closeup of the fly.  not a good picture but you can see it good in other picts.

Last fish before I lost it. Good look at head note fishes gill has fibers sticking out to show length.

The fish that I broke off on was around 2.5 lbs. and out of the same hole.  I tried to lift onto bank and the leader broke abobe the knot! Anyways whoever wants to join me tomorrow send email or call I will be hitting the bayou arond 10:30 am.  See ya.

Outing Chat / Pre Front Bayou Bass'n
« on: December 04, 2011, 08:56:00 PM »
I went outside this morning and the temperature was 68 degrees and balmy with little or no wind.  I know a front is coming in today so I check the radar and it looks like I have a couple of hours before the weather change.  I'm going fish'n!  I jump in the truck and hit one of my White Oak Bayou favs to see what is happing.  The flow is perfect, water is clear...well clear brown and I can see fish moving along the edges.  By the way all of the fish you'll see below were caught on flys tied by Mike Arnold.

This is the first place I looked.

Doesn't take me long and I found this little critter.

The first spot I choose was chalk full of bass. After catching a few small ones a big girl came out and I busted off my favorite fly of the ones Mike sent me on the strip set!  Anyways I continued on down stream after tying on a chartruse and grey clouser.  This is what it looked like once I stuck this fella!

Nice fish huh!

This guy followed the last fish and then cruised a few feet away and just sat there until I stuck him too.

If you don't think I'm having fun. At this point I have caught about fifteen bass in less than one hour. So I move down stream some more looking for some riprap edges and I see this swirl and flash right in front of me.  I cast in and WHAMO

I hope you can zoom in on these pictures cause this fish goes ballistic and I was able to snap a few shots during the fight.

After that tailwalk she speed over behind me trying to break me off on the rocks and then she jumped again.

SAAAWWWEEETTTT Right! So it was time to quit messing around with the camera and land her.  The Beauty Photo a solid 2.5lb. fish.

The weather had definately change by now though and the temperature was falling fast and the drizzle had started to fall.

So I am thinking there are still plenty of more rocks across the way could there be another promising fish there.  Boom of course there was.

Not all of my fish were big, however I took a picture of this little fella cause it was so fiesty and pretty.

By this point I had caught well more than I could count (anything over 20 requires higher math) So once the drizzle started to fall a little harder I figured it was time to go home and fix a pot of coffee and some a little football...drink a few brews...and give my thanks for this wonderful day!


Damon's Seven Lakes / Special Thanks to Mike Arnold
« on: December 04, 2011, 08:17:56 AM »
I want to say how much I appreciate the efforts that Mike Arnold puts forth all year long in helping the Texas Fly Fishers.  From tying flys at EVERY Meeting, especially taking the time to teach the youngsters as he does, to organizing and holding events out at his place in Damon Lakes...well for a man his age IS TOTALLY AWESOME. He is a huge asset to our club, he is a proud American and he is TEXAN in every way.  Thanks MIKE we all love you dearly!

Photo of what Mike does BEST!

Outing Chat / 'Nother HTown Bayou Trip
« on: December 03, 2011, 07:09:08 AM »
Well at least somebody was listening the other night at our meeting.  As I was driving down the street in the neighborhood I noticed a suburu wagon pulled into one of the access points for the bayou.  Seeing some FFF stickers I was interested to see who this was.  I pulled in and looked down the bayou and saw a bass swimming right below where this guy parked??? Did he not see this easy prey?  So I walked back to my truck and assembled my rod, tied on a tested and true fly and went back down to the bayou's edge one cast and I thought I would take a picture of the fish in front of the guys car to show him what he had overlooked.

Well I spotted the fisher down the ways so being the friendly type I walked on over and introduced myself.  Why it was Dave Keene who recently joinded TFF and he took me up on my invite for the members to take advantage of this local fishery.  We spoke for awhile and fished for quite some time.  He had already caught a couple of good fish and was trying to perswade one of the bayou carp to take his fly.  As we walked the bayou we both began to score some solid fish. 

Here's Dave

Here's Me

Little fish with LARGEMOUTH

Another Beauty

So this goes on for awhile and I get a call from Marcos E. who wants to join us.  'Bout twenty minutes he does and he too is into some solid fish.  But I had to go back to work (that's right this spot is so convienent that you can catch a few while on break) so I left the guys as they walked off to search for a way to catch some carp.  Marcos brought some coffee bean flys and was going to try them.  I wonder if they did any good??? Bye Now.

Outing Chat / Green Trout on the Bayou!
« on: November 17, 2011, 01:13:54 PM »
Well as you guys probably know by now I have hit the Mother Load on the White Oak.  Did some explor'n last Sunday before the game and found some new deep BROWNholes full of critters.  So looky here and ENJOY!

This is what I found early morning, nice little crossover bridge and deep hole below!

Here is my first of the day...a little chunk on a a little "green cookie".

I found this nice little riffle and there was a nice deep hole below it.

Ah...a shopping cart reef we all know what that means.

I picked this little guy off just behind the reef as you can see in the backround...bout a 40' cast too.

This one was just below where I took the previous picture! The fly I was using was dynamite on these bass.

So continuing up stream I see this corrugated pipe and just know that there is a large one under there.

...and there was but he got off before I could capture and photo.  DARN!! but lookie here just over that sand dune another honey hole.

The riffle and eddy.

Fall colors were showing down on the Bayou.  Real quiet and beautiful in a "toxic" way.

View of the brownline from up on the "bluff".

Well that's all for now.  Look me up if you're rates are very affordable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Red Soda, Fried Chicken, Biscuits and Gravy will get you a long way!

Outing Chat / Working the local Brownlines
« on: November 12, 2011, 07:09:24 PM »
Wormdrowner took me up on my offer to fish the local "Brownlines".   I told him we'd be fishing at around 67' ASL and flows have slowed considerably since last weeks soaker. Wind was omindirectional at 15 to 20 mph so be ready.  We weren't going to need any protective gear as the superfund boys have recently cleaned up the site. He brought this really sexy 7'-6" 3wt sage rod and some wacked out flies, I was using my BPS Loomis blank 5 wt armed with a super hot cortland reel and superfine Orvis line.  We entered the first lease and immediately found lots of streamside activity.

Pool just below the first riffle.

I stood over Quigs left shoulder and had him work his fly slowly along a rock laden shoreline telling him to drop it right off that grass mat.  Well he did and boom the first of many to come.

Next, he moved a few feet to the left making sure not to disturb the beautiful flora and he worked the inside corner of this small shopping cart reef where an eddy formed and boom!

A little further up stream I decided to take the lead and I found myself hooked up to this stud.

So after we each scored several more each we hopped in our vehicles and hit a local waterhole to quinch our thirst...remember I said we were 67' above sea level.  Anyways I told Quigs that I had another hotspot I had taken one of our Clubs more illustrious local anglers to last week and wanted him to have the same thrill that Marcos had on the hard to access brownline.

A view of the local.

Here's Quigs moving in looking for signs of movement.

Quigs made a perfect presentation to one of our most rare of species.  NOTE: Use your Zoom to view this beauty!

As you can imagine this action went on for quite awhile.  Quigs got a little winded and decided to sit back and watch the Master as I worked this other deep brownhole to perfection. five casts - five fish!  What a day!  We were hoping Slammin Adam would join us but his libido got the best of him and he stayed at home to comfort his lady friend.  One day boy you will reach a higher Consciousness.


Outing Chat / Golden Goes Fresh!
« on: November 10, 2011, 07:30:03 PM »
Since I haven't been able to cure my boat's "ethanolitus" yet I have been hitting the local "Brownlines" for some green trout.
Flows are low right now drought and all!

Another hole further upstream.

Look for riprap and sand bars.

You'll find these.

...and some of these.

Just down stream from one of the concrete erosion barriers I found this hole.

Here's what is in it.

This one too!

Not a good picture but german carp don't fight worth a crap!

But This guy did.

The first pics were from Saturday These are from Sunday morning.

This fish was spotted cruising along the bank before getting nailed.

Next cast.

How'd she get in here well she's a real keeper too! 9 months - Kymmie

Anyways Big Fish of the weekend! 4.0lbs.+

Here's another good spot.

He was in there.

Well they can't all be that big. But I had a blast, I guess fresh is OK - especially when it's less than mile from the house!

Fished today with Marcos E. watching I caught at least fifteen bass in less than two hours.  Called the shot on at least eight of the fish. they were where you'd think they were.  Just throw a good cast and fish on. Marcos is tying up some new carp flies.  He couldn't believe how many big carp are swimming within an easy cast away. Largest fish today was around 2 lbs.  Marcos got pictures of it and so did I!

There's the flash of the strike!

Nice Fish...Yeah Baby! All of this just a few blocks from the house.

I can guarantee you Marcos will be back! Oh and by the way all of the fish caught in these Photos were caught on flies tied by TFF'ers.  Thanks to Mike Arnold, Hunter Soape, and Robert Logan I'm having a blast! I will be doing this again and if anybody wants to join me give me a PM.  I have already heard from Colorado aka The Slaming Kid he's ready to go. These bayous are very bike friendly.

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