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Outing Chat / Happy Thanksgiving to your Family
« on: November 22, 2012, 08:20:51 AM »

I want to wish all of my Salties and their FAMILIES Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you to all your moms, wives and special girlfriends that make this day so wonderful for all of us!  Thank you for being great friends on and off the water.  I wish every one of you a great day and holiday season.  Oh and by the way GO TEXANS, COWBOYS AND HORNS! TEXAS RULES...ON THE SALT AND ON THE FIELD

Outing Chat / Another New Location to Fish in Houston
« on: November 11, 2012, 12:38:51 PM »
Well I have found another new location to fish here in town.  I am so amazed that few if anybody fishes these areas that I find, but it is so.  I called up Mike Quigley as I knew I could get him fired up to fish this past Saturday. We met up and as he was driving up in his truck I already had a bass in hand.  My daughter's boy friend Dale had told me about the location last week as it was directly across the street from their new Apartment.  He said I should come over and check it out. I did! her are some photos from yesterday.

My first...Harry you recognize that fly?

Mikey's first.

His next.

Did I say the water was in good shape!

Here was an interesting location.

Mike's olive wooley bugger kick my butt.

Hmmm some shade there ought to be some bass back there.

There was.

This is Dale and his first ever bass caught on a fly rod. Oh yeah he got hooked bad! HAHAHA

Another interesting spot.

Here is what Mike caught there. It is a talapia.  This bayou system has yielded more variety than any place I know.

Mike was throwing some awesome loops and caught a ton of fish. He slammed out easily.

It is always nice to know that within ten to fifteen minutes in any direction from my house there is excellent fishing.  I wonder how many of you have been interested enough in your sport to do what I have done. Google earth is a great spot to get started. Call up one of your buddies and go have some fun.  Soon Dale will be another new Texas Flyfisher as he had a blast.  He did OK but the more he goes the better he'll get. I guess that applies to all of us. Chow brothers.

« on: November 04, 2012, 09:37:28 AM »
I have put up a new outing under the November Outing thread above.  Check it out we'll be fishing the marshes around the big bridge in bridge city Texas. The fishing should be excellent especially for big flounder. Forget the Catch and Release catch some you better keep'em. This is a kayak outing for the members who love this form of fishing and it's only an hour and half from Houston. NO EXCUSES! Sign up Now.  Dave will fix the thread so it will have the correct Date on the sign up page.  The outing is scheduled for Saturday November 17 2012.

I have caught some big oversized redfish here as well as healthy sized trout.  Last year I caught a big striper here too (12 lbs.) big. Come join us for the day.  No excuses PUCK you are going!

« on: November 04, 2012, 09:29:08 AM »
iI am working over in the Port of New Orleans.  The other day this ship from Nassau Bay pulled in and began to unload.  One of the shipmen to this opportunity to go fishing off the back of the ship and this is what I saw him catch!
this was his fishing hole

Being slightly happy

This is what he caught.

Use your closeup mode to see the size of this drum I guesstimated 30 lbs.  I was talking to the guy the whole time thinking he was understanding me...nope didn't speak much English at all. I had him give me his phone number so I could send him his photos which I did. We met at the boat's side.  They cleaned the fish even after I told them (the one guy who spoke English) that it would be full of worms and stuff.  Didn't make any difference they'd been on board for three months and it was fresh food!


Outing Chat / California Fly Fishers
« on: October 15, 2012, 10:51:51 AM »
I heard from Jerry Phan today who is going to put together a trip or two this next year for his Fly Fishing Club members to come fish with us here in Texas.  He's first interested in the Sunfish Spectacular and also the POC One Fly. WOW I CAN'T WAIT these are the guys who fish from the back seat of their convertible Beemer's HAHAHA!  We need to get these guys set up with accommodations and partners. I am already thinking about a reciprocal agreement!  Small mouths to Makos yeah baby!

Outing Chat / West Coaster on the Bayou
« on: September 27, 2012, 06:04:42 AM »
Today I met up with Jerry Phan who (to use my korney since of humor) became a "fan" of the White Oak Bayou.  After receiving his email thru connecting with Chris Sumers, I told Jerry a little about our local fishing venue the WOB!  He and I met up Wednesday afternoon at the Citgo and I took him around the neighborhood and showed him where to park and fish.  Of course I had a rod ready and showed him where some fishy spots were.  He and I will be getting together over the next day or so.

Here is Jerry at the ponds

Prey of our choice.

Bass in repose!

Here is one spot we looked at.

This is the other direction.

He could see bass well as I must have missed five or six eats! Of course every time a mullet would break water he thought it was a bass or perch so I had to inform him they will not bite no matter how good of a cast you present to them! He loved it and will be returning tonight with his rod.  If you would like to join us give me a call or text. Jerry took some pictures to take back to his club and I will see if we can get him to post some of his/their stuff on our page.  He's done the offshore Mako thing too with the flyrod! Very cool! But his love is bass and perch.  Look out Damien Lakes here we come.

He is here doing good work helping a cancer patient get to MD Anderson for treatment.  Jerry offered his time up to fly this patient here and does this kind of work all of the time. Our kind of guy. Hopefully he will return here to HTown often to fish with us and I am offering him a trip to our coast in November in trade for a trip to San Diego.  He is also a commercial pilot and is a degree'd Engineer! 


Outing Chat / Louisana Is Doing Fine after Hurricane
« on: September 26, 2012, 10:55:32 AM »
Check this out! This is what I am talking about.

About Us. / Redfish Rodeo
« on: September 25, 2012, 01:31:35 PM »
Redfish Rodeo - Rockport Tx

Outing Chat / What I SAW!!!
« on: August 20, 2012, 03:28:13 PM »
So I get this call from this TFF bud of mine ( our's) last week Saturday and he says he's a go'n to Austin to this unknown location to check out a boat. What do you think?  It didn't take him much to get me to say, "I wanna GO!".  So go I did ...we are on the road by 10:00am and ride'n in this bright red luxury SOB I mean SUV that no respect'n Texas State Trooper is going to let pass without given 'er the "ole evil eye".  Anyways bout half-way there I ask, so where's this secret place.  He says it is some lake whatchamacallit and we're meeting the Owner and going for  test ride.  OK I get That! Where is this lake...being slightly more knowledgeable than any old SEC lov'n yeahoo... I said whatchamacallit huh where's that!  He says over off 290 somewhere.  Well now there you go.  Even I can find that!  I talk Rand McNalley into turning into the next gas station to get the local explanation on the lake whatchamacallit's wherabouts.  First place we go was an Hispanic biker Stop and metal head 'n Go where he didn't even know what a lake was!  Next place was a Quik Powerball and Beer to Go joint where one of the patrons said old whatchamacallit is really named "this" but some people call it "that" cause of what happened there years ago.  DON'T GO THERE MIKE, DON'T.  So now we have directions and that's a real good thing cause the old boy's Willis offspring had a malfunction at the GPS junction and for all we knew nowhere was everywhere!  But we arrived and there she was in all of her azure beauty Lake Whachamacallit and she was dead calm and OURS!  "But no boats are waiting to be I mean tested,"  I say to my buddy.  He'll be here. (Insert Jeopardy song here)  But alast he shows and behind his grocery-getter's sportsstation wagon was this white beauty sitt'n on the purrdy'ests aluminum trailer you ever did see. Grey motor and all she was a boat alright (breakoutanotherthousand) and looked quite capable of handling anything he could dish-out to her.  Small talk begins and my phone goes off...big client having a flood under my brand new installed roof curbs! 

Well I guess he tested the boat out as he came back to shore where I was still reeling from so much bad phone information..." Boat's nice but she's a miss'n.  Missing what I say..."no I mean miss'n like running bad!  Currrrrumba I say.  He says, "Maybe ethanol"...(oh if he knew who he was talking to about ethanol)...or might be filters ...anyways I'll get it fixed".   So negotiations ensued and I feel all went very well for "Bama boy.  So it would seem that we just might...or just maybe...if all the if's fall into the right space...we might have us a new craft in the salt fleet.

Did Whatchamacallit look nice or what!

The boat showed up and got looks from the onlookers!

Front End

Back End


The thing floats!

The present Owner is a well seasoned flyfisher and has fished and caught his first tarpon with my brother.  The boat seemed to have been taken well cared for and was full of 5, 6, and 8 weights and a very nice spinning rod too all of which I tried to get thrown into the deal.  As far as the roof leaks way over re-action to what amounted to be less than a 1/4 of an ounce in four buckets.  General contractor ppunched holes thru roof without notifying us to seal!  Go figure.

Hopefully we will have a deal done soon...the new owner says he'll be the first to sign up for my skiff operators course! Huh! You guys who don't know how to pole a skiff need to get trained so when guys like this want to go fish they'll know you're a trained flat skiff poler! Think of the unabated fishing hours you get to enjoy on a craft like this!

Now who is this interested buyer????

Outing Chat / White Oak Bayou Info!
« on: August 13, 2012, 12:37:13 PM »
I just noticed this past weekend that the bayou has had a hair cut.  Went fishing Sunday am and caught eight bass on the bayou near my house the largest was just shy of three pounds.  The water is a little off color either due to recent rains last week or some new drainage pipes were installed and the banks were exposed to rain water runoff.  either way the water should clear by today.  Go Git 'em

Outing Chat / Last Guest Speaker
« on: August 03, 2012, 09:01:00 AM »
I saw that someone had set up a video cam at the last meeting.  Did someone video the guest speaker.  I was unable to stay due to work but would enjoy see the video if one exists.  Marcos said the guy was full of good info especially about the Galveston area.  Let me know or post something up please.

Outing Chat / Gathering at White Oak Bayou and Ponds - June 30, 2012
« on: June 28, 2012, 07:00:05 AM »
I spoke with a couple of the guys at the membership meeting this past week and it seems there is some interest in fishing the Bayou so lets do it.  Right now I have heard from Garland S. Alex B. and a couple of others who sound interested.

We'll meet up around 7:00 am at the Retention Lakes at the corner of Hollister and West Little York across from the Citco station. Bring your yaks, float tubes, or wading gear.  The water is very clear and the bottom relatively hard.  THE BAYOU IS IN GREAT SHAPE and the grass is low enough not to be a pain in the neck. There is food and drinks close by.  Bring your coolers and let's have some fun.  I am hoping it will be somewhat cloudy as there is NO shade anywhere around the water.  Sun protection is a must too.

Hot flys have been the olive wooley bugger, yellow poppers, grasshoppers, spiders etc.  these fish eat bugs not bait fish imitations.


This is what you should expect!


Outing Chat / Father's Day on the Bayou
« on: June 17, 2012, 02:09:35 PM »
Went down to the Bayou this morning and fished a stretch on the golf course.  Had my slam within one hour.  I caught one of the most beautiful Chiclids I have ever seen.  I wish I had my camera phone with me then.  This fish was a dark purple and was one heck of a sightcast and catch.  10" fish at least. I really didn't photograph any of the ten or so bass I caught but you seen them before anyways.  I didn't catch any notables.  However you will see a couple of channel cats I caught.

Here is a pretty 'lil blue gill.

First one of the Morning.

Blurry but you get the picture.

The fight is one

Good Jumper too.

Here kitty kitty. Close up of Number two.

Here is the "Grip and Grin"

The two cats were both in the same hole and produced very hungry aggressive strikes too.  Had fun!


Outing Chat / White Oak Paddling Adventure
« on: June 07, 2012, 07:03:12 AM »
I guess it was Memorial Weekend and I called up Mike to see if he wanted to drop his new Yak into the Ponds over at the Honey Hole.  We met up at 6:30 to get a jump on the high sun conditions forecast for later in the day.  The fish wanted to cooperate and so we didn't want to miss this opportunity. 

Here are our craft during the off-loading at the pond.

This is Mike paddling back into the cattail reeds.

It was cool and we had a steady wind out of the southeast on this day.  Mike was rewarded with several bass back in the reeds.

Mike had a bass jump out of the water directly in front of him so cast Mike.

Of course I got in the action too.  Fishing out of the Float Cat made for a relaxing day.

You don't have to go far to find clear water and good bass fishing any more as it is right here in Town. Good food and cold drinks are right across the street and there is no cost to fish!  How cool.  We can only guess how many fish we caught this day but if you have been here already ...You Know!

Outing Chat / White Oak Lakes - HOT!
« on: May 27, 2012, 12:02:13 PM »
As you know over the past few weeks the White Oak Lakes have been producing small bass in huge numbers.  I have been experimenting using different types of tackle and presentations.  For numbers the most effective presentation has been a #4 bead head olive wooley bugger.  Closely followed by the foam bodied spider in an orange color.  I would recommend for your tiers tie up a dark  orange and black dragon fly pattern (they're everywhere).  As the water is so very clear and gets fairly deep out in the centers of the ponds you should also bring some deep stuff like intermediate line and larger patterns.  I have been using some conventional ultralight equipment 6lb. test floro leader, 1/16th oz. screw head worm weight and a six inch power worm in tequila sunrise color.   Another good approach is using an unweighted 3" bass assassin work along the grass beds early.  Wow I got some real aggressive hits using that.  You will definitely catch bigger fish using these setups. Also been having a lot of fun with very small deep diving crankbaits.  They hammer them hard.  Here are some recent photos taken over last several weeks. Hope you enjoy.

Mike Q scoping out the deep water in front of him.

Here is what he was looking at. Clear enough?

Flyfishers wading the ponds without worrying about STRING RAYS!

Look how pretty this water is...make for some sightcasting fun!

This spot was hot as a pistol.

Fishing does not disturb the lake!

Here is what you can expect to catch...all day long.

This one fought twice his size. Caught on a #2 worm hook, 1/16th oz. worm weight and a 6" power worm.

I think this is a neat photo.

Here is one that hit the 3" Bass Assassin.

I was wondering where the perch were.  Well here is one of two caught on this worm.

Here is one on the deep diving crank bait.

Watch out for this guy or at least cover your ears.

This place is fun and will only get better especially if TFF helps.  Call me if you want to team up over here. I am thinking we can probably use kayaks or inflatables here without a problem as long as we don't launch thirty craft at one time! I am taking my inflatable over this evening and try it out.  See Ya.



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