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Tying Chat / Re: Bounty - on gray Redfish Crack flies!
« on: December 05, 2012, 11:57:35 AM »
Puck - it's a little difficult to take a photograph of an object that has been lost. You're right, I should have taken a photo just before I lost it. Duh.

Tying Chat / Re: Bounty - on gray Redfish Crack flies!
« on: December 05, 2012, 10:08:17 AM »
Those are pretty, Joe, you'll have to teach me to tie them.

BUT... they are just like the flies that were repeatedly refused by the Sabine redfish. The magic was in the gray craft fur that was used. The good news is that Golden has apparently located the mysterious tyer who created the holy grail of redfish crack, and has the flies we need on the way. So I guess the bounty has already been claimed!

Thanks though - you were first on the list!


Tying Chat / Bounty - on gray Redfish Crack flies!
« on: December 04, 2012, 04:22:44 PM »
Okay fly tyers... need some creative genius to put together a very specific redfish crack fly. Seems I lost Mike Graham's last remaining "magic" redfish crack fly, and boy is he vocal about it. Check the Saltwater Outing Chat for the more complete story.

So here's the deal... I am putting a bounty on the redfish crack fly that is just like the one that was lost. I'm putting up $100 for twelve perfect flies (six for Mike, six for me), and the recipe, but they have to match Mike Graham's spec. It was made with some type of gray craft fur that turned into a kind of purple luminescence in the water, with a little silver flash. Pulsated nicely, and redfish jumped on that thing when they refused any other offering. Mike had it tied specially, but can't recall who tied it for him.

I know, that sounds like a lot of cash for a dozen flies, but it is worth it to me for the peace and quiet!

Any fly tying bounty hunters out there!?  ???  Drop me a line and let's get started!

Outing Chat / Re: Supperb Sabine
« on: December 04, 2012, 04:10:01 PM »
Yeah, Mike is right…  Sabine was superb!  Was a great day on Sunday; great waters and pretty close to home. Very kayak friendly, with some really nice shorelines and shallow water very close to the launch point.  Wading can be difficult in the areas; there is some pretty soft mud in the areas, but for the most part okay.

True story about that one-eyed redfish. That was something to see. That was why the fish didn't take the first cast - Mike cast to it's bind side. After the recast to his right side he jumped right on the fly.

Oh... and this is important. Here’s an offer to all you fly tyers…  Mike is wound pretty tight after I lost his last remaining perfect redfish fly. You’d think he just lost his best dog or something he’s so upset.  It was a redfish crack fly, but what was interesting was the craft fur that was used. Gray in color, but in the water it almost had a luminescent quality that looked a little purple and silver. I don’t know who tied it, but it was a killer. Redfish were refusing other colors of redfish crack (pink head/ tan tail), but this one was deadly. So… here’s the offer. I’ll put up $100 to whoever can come up with the best fly per Mike’s spec, and put together twelve flies based on that recipe.  Six for Mike, six for me. I know that is a lot of money for a dozen flies, but it is worth it to me to stop the whining.  If you have a recipe that will make that work let me know and we’ll get started.  I’ll also post the offer under “tying chat” and see who can come up with the best looking fly.

A couple of photos to add to the post:

Here’s Mike on the bow, fighting a redfish…

Redfish coming to hand…

And here’s a little something to ease the aching shoulders after a long day of poling in soft mud. Salties will recognize this as the Port O’Connor cocktail – ibuprofen and a glass of rum.

Ready to return to the Sabine marsh – a great location and makes a great day trip!

Outing Information Only / Re: January 2013 Outing - Guadalupe One Fly
« on: November 27, 2012, 12:53:56 PM »
Separated shoulder?   :(  Sorry to hear it, but from one of your previous posts I don't think it should really be a problem for you. Remember, we'll be bobber fishing after stockies...! So as long as you can flick your wrist and lay out 15' of line you should be okay.

And remember, it's not a bobber. It's a strike indicator.

The Guadalupe trip will be a blast - still fun to catch a nice rainbow no matter it's ancestry. Oh, yeah, and dinner at the Grist Mill, a few cocktails on the deck, etc. Maybe Matt will invite us up to visit his father-in-law's wine collection?

Hope your shoulder improves!

Outing Chat / Fishing the "Land of the Giants"
« on: November 19, 2012, 02:30:15 PM »

Spent a few days earlier this month fishing in Venice, Louisiana, and it is truly the “Land of the Giants!”

Fished for three days out of Buras (near Venice), and caught piles of chunky trout and big numbers of oversized reds. While this was primarily a trip for conventional anglers (I was the only flyrodder in the group) I thought I’d post this on the forum – planting a seed to say we really need to line up a flyfishing trip to Louisiana along the Mississippi delta. Truly an amazing fishery!

Since we were fishing conventional tackle, I had only one shot at a redfish with a fly. There were cruising reds between 20 and 30 pounds in some very shallow water, and one came into range at about 40 feet. Perfect!  Somehow all the variables came together, and I was able to place a fly (a black and purple popper, purchased at Uptown Angler in New Orleans the day before) about two feet in front of the fish. He turned, and surged towards the fly with gill plates flared and pectoral fins outstretched. Pushing a bow wake with his eyes out of the water he was about to hit like an angry Mack truck. I stripped to keep him chasing for about eight feet, teasing him to strike. Then… he turned away and didn’t take. He swam away, and there I was I was, feeling like I had just missed the winning field goal, dejected, and still shaking with buck fever.  But – I am ready to return, and this time with only the long rods and the fly bag – I’ll leave the conventional stuff in the garage.

We stayed at a lodge called Outcast Fishing Charters, operated by Capt Lloyd Landry. Nice comfy lodge and the food was superb. Capt Lloyd is the head chef as well as chief guide, and his local seafood recipes will keep you stuffed and happy. Jim Richards has fished with Lloyd as well, and I’m thinking will back me up on this – the food , lodging, and company are great… and the fishing is really hard to beat. Can't say enough good things about those guys!

A couple of photos (not great, taken with a cellphone) to pique your interest and whet your appetite:

My personal best redfish – 42” caught on one of my home built medium light casting rods. Estimated at about 35 to 40 bs.

My son and brother, with another nice red

Picked up this guy in the Mississippi river itself – amazing

A great time fishing, and what a thrill to catch so many big reds and watch them swim away. A few filets for the table, but many more released. So what do you think Salties… Anybody up for a trip to the land of the giants? I’m thinking fall of 2013!

Outing Information Only / Re: January 2013 Outing - Guadalupe One Fly
« on: November 19, 2012, 12:02:54 PM »
I'm in; last year's trip was a lot of fun. Interested in both the cabin and in fishing with Brent.

« on: November 06, 2012, 11:17:24 PM »
Sorry, but business travel has me away  :(

However, if it will help someone I have a kayak that could be available as a loaner if that would help someone. I figure if I can't make it at least maybe my kayak can.

Have fun guys... really hate to miss this one!


Great post Mike and a great time had by all! All the things that make for a banner weekend - fishing, eating, laughing, drinking, drinking more, laughing more. And yeah - poling a boat into a 20mph headwind ain't easy! Found that out for sure. Also learned that not all of our brethren are very cheery when nursing a bit of a whisky headache. Huh... go figure.

Proud that the first redfish on the new skiff was caught by Mike Graham, about 26" and 8 to 10 lbs. Beautiful cast, we all saw the fish turn and jump on the fly, and off to the races. Adam caught the next.... mine is still swimming out there somewhere.

Thanks Golden for lining up people, boats, guiding, and accommodations.

Ready for the next one!

I'm good to go! Pequod house or other suitable crash-pad sounds great to me...

Many thanks Golden for putting this togehter, your reports and photos will make it difficult to concentrate on the mundane this week (like making a living too support my fishin' addiction).


2012 and previous / Re: October Saltwater Outing --- Redfish Rodeo
« on: September 26, 2012, 01:19:23 PM »
I was able to reserve lodging at Drifters... you might want to move quickly if you're interested; they tell me there are some units still available but they might go quickly. Pretty fair pricing, about $100/ night.

Just sayin'...


Outing Chat / Re: Louisana Is Doing Fine after Hurricane
« on: September 26, 2012, 01:13:05 PM »
Yeah... I saw this too. Great footage, but even better to see how the marsh has recovered. I'm heading over there the first weekend of November; I'm hoping I can confirm that it looks that good!

2012 and previous / Re: October Saltwater Outing --- Redfish Rodeo
« on: September 24, 2012, 07:28:59 AM »
I'm signed up and ready to go! Hard to guess at this point, but I'd place the probability of having a skiff by the event at 50%. I'm in the market, if anyone knows of a good skiff at a good price.

Any details on lodging, meeting places, etc? I'm up for getting a cabing at Drifters if there are any available...

C'mon saltwater guys... we need more people - particularly boat owners!


2012 and previous / Re: August Saltwater Outing - Bolivar Pocket
« on: August 28, 2012, 10:01:40 AM »
The three stalwart TFF'ers, Mike Quigley, Dan Starr, and George Sutherland, arrived at the arranged meeting place, at the beach on Rettilon Rd (easy to remember, it is "no litter" spelled backwards) on the Bolivar peninsula. A quick look at conditions, where the wind and surf resembled chocolate you-hoo, and our Trip Leader Quigley made the call to switch to plan B - launch on the bay side into East Bay and be sheltered from the wind. "Discretion being the better part of valor," and muttering some other unintelligible quotes from Shakespear, we headed up the peninsula to the Stingaree Marina.

Beach conditions not too favorable for kayaking - I actually took this on the way out, but the morning wasn't much better.

Launching at Stingaree is a great plan B. Nice place, secured (sorta) parking, and an easy paddle across the Intracoastal into East Bay.

From there we paddled up the South shoreline, with much better water but the wind still a bit of an issue over our heads. We paddled into a small bayou, and came across some picture perfect condition. High water and falling tides gave us visions of baitfish moving out of the marsh and into the guts, where hungry predators were sure to be stacked up looking for a tasty finger mullet, brown shrimp, or a green clouser. But... as it turned out, we were wrong.

We paddled up into the bayou, admiring the view. Gulls, ibis, egrets, but no bait moving and no predators!

Dan Starr's flounder, that couldn't resist his fly. This flounder exceeded SIX INCHES - we admired his warrior spirit! Put on your reading glasses and you can see it better.

Mike Quigley wanted to see as much of the marsh as he could. No idea how he paddled back into that tight spot...

Mike and Dan discussing what plan C might be... We paddled back out to the East Bay shoreline, hoping that we'd meet up with Scott Breedlove who was on his way down form Katy. There were those among us whose lack of pride let them grab some conventional tackle, and tie on a Gulp! shrimp, and see what they might bring to hand. They were rewarded with an angry, and foul hooked, stingray. Nice...

Turns out plan C was a po-boy and a couple of beers at the Stingaree! Really a very nice waterside restaurant/ bar, located right on the Intracoastal. Nice place under any circumstances. Sorry Mike, no oysters due to red tide issues. Had to listen to some complaining about that. You can see that Scott Breedlove made the trip, hustled down from Katy after his daughters track meet. That's dedication - to both his family and fly fishing!

A shot of Old Glory flying proudly from the Bolivar ferry. She's pretty starched, winds at that point were well over 20mph and there were storms bouncing all around. Smart thing to do was head home, hose off the kayak, and take a nap on the sofa.

Despite the lack of fish and tough conditions we still had a great time and I'm ready to do it again! Saw some new water, a great lunch, and enjoyed a great time with a few friends.

See y'all on the next trip

Outing Chat / Re: What I SAW!!!
« on: August 21, 2012, 07:18:33 AM »
Let's start a rumor..."hey, now that Nick Somogyi has kids didja hear that he's selling his Beavertail?"    ;D

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