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General Discussion / Happy father's day everyone!
« on: June 21, 2015, 06:23:49 AM »
Just celebrated mine with four warrior bluegill in the neighborhood lake on a #10 woolly bugger before my second cup of coffee. Hope you're enjoying your day as much!

If you're a dad or ever had a dad - Happy father's day!

Lets go fishing...

Outing Chat / Fly fishing Destin in the fall...
« on: June 09, 2015, 01:12:13 PM »
Looking for some cheap (well, free) advice. Thinking about a family trip to Destin in October, and I simply cannot sit in the sand for several days without going fly fishing. Don't care how much rum I consume.

So here's the question... anyone fish the Florida panhandle in October? Guide recommendations? Redfish or other species? Finn - I think you've fished over there; I'd appreciate any advice.

Thanks guys...


Outing Chat / Fishing the legendary Mardi Gras Minnow
« on: February 15, 2014, 07:33:52 PM »
By now many TFF'ers have heard about Puck's Mardi Gras Minnow; I talked him into showing me the recipe in prearation for an upcoming trip to the Devils River, an adventure in search of large bass in crystal clear waters. After some practice they started looking pretty good...

So here's the rest of the story... it seems they work, too! Been speaking with new member Jason Pool about getting together for some casting practice and a shot at some bass in the neighborhood landscape lake. He and his friend Thomas arrive Saturday afternoon, well ahead of me. Stiff wind from the South made casting kind of a challenge, but we were at it anyway. Gotta get warmed up for the Prison Permit Invitational, after all. We're casting in a lake when a fellow angler stops by and says "never seen anyone catch a fish in this lake. They're all in the lake across the street." Really, I'm thinking, that makes no sense. The two lakes are connected by culverts under the street, fish should swim freely between the two. Not to refuse any free advice from the locals, we walked across the street and started casting into the solid breeze. I'm casting the Mardi Gras minnow above, which looks just like a wounded perch or even a shad when stripped. The craft fur and fox head on this thing, along with the eyes and flash, really make this fly come alive. We hadn't been at it long, when I'm stripping the MGM and it suddenly comes to an abrupt halt. Then it starts to shake. A quick strip set and on! A nice fight with a couple of runs and this chunky girl is on the bank. About 15" in length, nice and healthy, and full of eggs. They will be spawning soon! Another hookup a few minutes later ...

Turns out that Puck's Mardi Gras Minnow, so named because he uses mardi gras beads for the eyes, are a great baitfish imitation, and a fly that bass seem to love. You gotta getcha some...tie up a bunch of them and head to the bass pond soon!

Thanks Puck for a sharing a great pattern, and looking forward to trying them on the Devils River!

Tying Chat / Bounty - on gray Redfish Crack flies!
« on: December 04, 2012, 04:22:44 PM »
Okay fly tyers... need some creative genius to put together a very specific redfish crack fly. Seems I lost Mike Graham's last remaining "magic" redfish crack fly, and boy is he vocal about it. Check the Saltwater Outing Chat for the more complete story.

So here's the deal... I am putting a bounty on the redfish crack fly that is just like the one that was lost. I'm putting up $100 for twelve perfect flies (six for Mike, six for me), and the recipe, but they have to match Mike Graham's spec. It was made with some type of gray craft fur that turned into a kind of purple luminescence in the water, with a little silver flash. Pulsated nicely, and redfish jumped on that thing when they refused any other offering. Mike had it tied specially, but can't recall who tied it for him.

I know, that sounds like a lot of cash for a dozen flies, but it is worth it to me for the peace and quiet!

Any fly tying bounty hunters out there!?  ???  Drop me a line and let's get started!

Outing Chat / Fishing the "Land of the Giants"
« on: November 19, 2012, 02:30:15 PM »

Spent a few days earlier this month fishing in Venice, Louisiana, and it is truly the “Land of the Giants!”

Fished for three days out of Buras (near Venice), and caught piles of chunky trout and big numbers of oversized reds. While this was primarily a trip for conventional anglers (I was the only flyrodder in the group) I thought I’d post this on the forum – planting a seed to say we really need to line up a flyfishing trip to Louisiana along the Mississippi delta. Truly an amazing fishery!

Since we were fishing conventional tackle, I had only one shot at a redfish with a fly. There were cruising reds between 20 and 30 pounds in some very shallow water, and one came into range at about 40 feet. Perfect!  Somehow all the variables came together, and I was able to place a fly (a black and purple popper, purchased at Uptown Angler in New Orleans the day before) about two feet in front of the fish. He turned, and surged towards the fly with gill plates flared and pectoral fins outstretched. Pushing a bow wake with his eyes out of the water he was about to hit like an angry Mack truck. I stripped to keep him chasing for about eight feet, teasing him to strike. Then… he turned away and didn’t take. He swam away, and there I was I was, feeling like I had just missed the winning field goal, dejected, and still shaking with buck fever.  But – I am ready to return, and this time with only the long rods and the fly bag – I’ll leave the conventional stuff in the garage.

We stayed at a lodge called Outcast Fishing Charters, operated by Capt Lloyd Landry. Nice comfy lodge and the food was superb. Capt Lloyd is the head chef as well as chief guide, and his local seafood recipes will keep you stuffed and happy. Jim Richards has fished with Lloyd as well, and I’m thinking will back me up on this – the food , lodging, and company are great… and the fishing is really hard to beat. Can't say enough good things about those guys!

A couple of photos (not great, taken with a cellphone) to pique your interest and whet your appetite:

My personal best redfish – 42” caught on one of my home built medium light casting rods. Estimated at about 35 to 40 bs.

My son and brother, with another nice red

Picked up this guy in the Mississippi river itself – amazing

A great time fishing, and what a thrill to catch so many big reds and watch them swim away. A few filets for the table, but many more released. So what do you think Salties… Anybody up for a trip to the land of the giants? I’m thinking fall of 2013!

General Discussion / Check out Texas Saltwater Fishing magazine
« on: April 29, 2012, 06:35:53 AM »
Hey TFF'rs...
Check out the photo gallery of the May edition of "Texas Saltwater Fishing" magazine! The gallery (page 103) features a photo of my daughter Clare and a really nice cobia she caught last summer. A really great fish for her, and it wore her out. Awesome.

Too bad we couldn't Photoshop the homely guy on the left out of the picture, somebody had to help her hold that fish!

Making memories with your kids...what a great life!

George.   8)

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