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Outing Chat / Re: Saturday get together - San Luis Pass
« on: May 02, 2013, 09:54:50 AM »
The water is warm enough that there is no need for waders.

This can be a feast or famine day.  The cold front has moved in, and may change the way the fish react.

When crossing the water from the launch to the island, put on somethign shiny, with a bite tippet.  The smacks sometimes will hit a trolled fly.


Excellent Work!  I want to buy a fly tying setup. Any suggestion, I tyed flies back in 80ties, for bass fishing and salt water sizes... and love doing it. I gave my stuff to son and want to get back into it again as I get closer to retirement an have more time to tye..  :)

1.  A good vise.  Rotary if you like that style.
2.  Two good pairs of scissors.  Large loops for big fingers.  One with serated blades for cutting hair.
3.  A ceramic, or ceramic lined bobbin.

Any other tools are personal preference.

Feel free to ask questions at the meetings, or contact one of us tyers.


Marcus and Jessie came to help out.  We met up at 0630 by the flagpole, and started setting up just before the students walking in the door.

8 tables set up and we had over 50 kids trying to tie the GAWB, with varying degrees of success.

It was fun, fast-paced, and challenging.

I am looking forward to doing this again.


Outing Information Only / Re: May 2013 POC JETTY OUTING
« on: April 29, 2013, 09:14:16 AM »
I will be on the South River, in Georgia that day.

Take pictures.


We were rained out a little after 1400.  Tied some flies with Quiggley and swapped stories with Jessie.  Talked to a few people and passed the website on to anybody interested.  More later.


We will have a booth to be set up by 0930, and our casting demonstration is early in the afternoon.  I'll put the time here when I get to my home PC.

If we could have a better caster do the demonstration, I will man the booth, and let somebody else talk for a change.

Or if you'd like to demostrate your fly tying, I can sling a line, and talk.

Currently there is only me scheduled/coluntold, for this event.

I'd appreciate soem help.


We have 3 tyers, total.

With 8 tables to man, and 20+ students per class, this will be a true challange.

Anybody else willing to join us?

I'd appreciate the help.


Day 3 is this Friday!

We have 8 tables available.

We will need 5 tyers total.  One to demo, and 4 to assist.

Tying the GAWB (Gawd Awful Wooly Bugger)

Contact me if you are interested.


How was the outing and the eats? I missed my flight Friday night in Kansas City, didn't get home till 12:00 today. >:(


Great food and company!

Fishing was slow.  (Nilo and I caught less than 30)

Weather was perfect!

I don't know who the winners were yet, but should be able to tell everyone at Tuesday's meeting.


Getting my gear ready now.

Loading the truck and setting the coffee pot in a few minutes.


There will be an opportunity for new folks to learn at 2:00pm

Details to follow.


I plan to have a small supply of Puck's yellow spiders on hand.

Follow the sound of my voice, "Fish On!", and I'll give you one or two.


Outing Chat / Re: dang, I got all excited
« on: April 15, 2013, 07:48:42 PM »
Do you want to lead it?

I'm sure we can get some interest.


Modified to explain the pictures.


Mike sent me the photos.  I'll update with more information later.

I have this collection of flies.  And yes, they work.

From Mike    "One has the picture of the six flies and case that I will give to the 20 people who called or signed up before the deadline.When they show up and register they will receive this in addition to the other gifts given out. I wish to thank them for helping me decide how much brisket to prepare. The other fly box will be given to the person drawn from the catch reports that are turned in before 18:30 hrs. There will be a good number of flies put into this box. At lunch there will be a drawing for a Stripping Basket."

I own the stripping basket, cutters, and the neoprene covers.  Ask me and I'll tell you how they work.

From Mike "This picture has a number of tools for sale at D7Ls and there will be a number of fly rods and reels to be sold at discount prices. All prices include freight and tax. Only cash and checks made out to 'Michael J.Arnold & Company'."


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