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Down to 20% chance of rain, wind speed dropped, and now going to get into the 60's.  This is the forecast as of 2014-02-05-0730


First event 31st of January was a success!

I will have details, and hopefully pictures up shortly.

Until then, here is a copy of the agenda we used.  Micheal and I tagged teamed the presentation.


Agenda for High School
Introduction (5 minutes)
(10 minutes) Difference between how spinning/casting gear works compare to fly fishing
  i.  Toss a rubber worm to the back of the room, letting the lure pull the line
  ii.  Feather toss, then only using the fly line, do not use a rod, toss the feather to the back of the room.
  iii.      Mention that anybody is capable of fly casting.  Mention Joan Wulf and Lefty Kreh,
  iv.      along with the cub scouts (6-8 year olds) that we have catching fish with fly rods.
List the types and sizes of fish that can be caught with a fly
i. Personal experience in the list is helpful
(5 minutes) Gear, and the industry behind them
(5 minutes) Boats, and the industry behind them
Drift boats
Poling skiffs
(5 minutes) Flies, and the industry behind them
i.      Hooks
ii.      Feathers
iii.      Man- made (EP is a perfect example of filling a niche)
(2 minutes) Guides
(3 minutes) Lodges
(5 minutes) Closing with mentioning
Fly Tying festival
Fishing show
TFF meeting
Our next time in front of them, casting

Do we know of anybody travelling that way that can give us an update?

Or does somebody know a guide?


Has anybody else see the forcast for Saturday?

Good weather to be a duck. 

Waders, fleece, and wading jacket are in order for the current forecast.


Outing Chat / Re: Colorado River
« on: February 03, 2014, 02:25:36 PM »
Nothing against that stretch of water.

I personally know nothing about it.

My last adventure on that river was near the dam, and almost run over by airboats, so I've been reluctant to go back.

Further downstream...  I've never been, so I don't know how the traffic could be.

Suggestions anybody?


This member of the "Katy Navy" is definitely in. 



Tying Chat / Re: MGM made with EP Foxy brush
« on: February 02, 2014, 12:39:44 PM »
George's MGMs are looking good!

We need to test these things.


General Discussion / Re: Straightening 80 lb test mono?
« on: January 30, 2014, 02:32:22 PM »

I resemble that remark.


General Discussion / Straightening 80 lb test mono?
« on: January 30, 2014, 10:41:34 AM »
I have a rool of 80 lb test mono that I use for the brails when I make, or repair, my cast nets.

We now have another use for it, but this requires me to straighten 2 feet, or more, at a time.

Last night I tried boiling it, only to find out that this wasn't quite hot enough.  The coil returned immediately.

Is there another trick out there that would work?


Tying Chat / Re: MGM made with EP Foxy brush
« on: January 30, 2014, 08:53:21 AM »
I'll tie up the rest of the brushes within the next few days, mark them up, and set them (total 8) aside for the Devil's River.

Another thought, I can use the underwater camera and check the action in the pool.


OK, jigging and change of angle of attack.  I'll start tying clouser minnows when I get the hooks in.

I've order 100 each of size 4, 6, and 8.  All of these were in freshwater style hook, bronzed, not stainless.

This leaves me with about 75 extra of each size.  Does anybody want to make a trade for some of these hooks?


Tying Chat / MGM made with EP Foxy brush
« on: January 29, 2014, 05:37:22 PM »
George S. picked the brushes up at FTU, and asked me try them for tying the MGM.  They come 4 per package, so cost-wise they are about $2 each.

I was able to tie 2 flies with one brush.  The fibers were much bushier than the brushes I've been making with craft fur.  They hold the shape much better.  I don't yet know how that will translate to action in the water.  They only new modification I made with these was to put red in the general gill area, per George's request.

I was able to shave almost a minute off of my tying time, bringing the time to only a little more than 5 minutes.  The issue was picking the fibers out at every second wrap.  If you don't they trap underneath.  This is still not a show-stopper.


Isn't that a jig hook?

Correct.  60 degree bend jig hook.


A guide I plan to be fishing with shortly recomended this pattern.  And I plan to tie up a dozen or so, as soon as the hooks I've ordered come in.

Does anybody know what the advantage of this style of hook is for a Clouser Minnow?



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