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This event is shaping up well:

If you have a kid that you want to get into fishing, not just fly fishing:
This is the event.

If you have a canoe, kayak, or kickboat to test:
This is the event.

If you want to meet a ton of people (men, women, and kids) that are crazy about the sport, and are willing to tell you all about it:
This is the event.

If you want to try out that new pattern for LMB or 'gills:
This is the event.

If you want to catch fish:
This is the event.

More details soon.


Tying Chat / Re: Seeking some crack
« on: March 12, 2014, 06:02:34 AM »
So I've yet to become addicted to tying flies and as such need a source for my crack.

Redfish crack that is. If somebody will tie me up a dozen or so, say half with lead eyes and half with bead-chain eyes I'd pay $5 apiece if I can get them before the Xmas Bay outing.


I don't sell my flies, but am willing to trade, this time.

Whatcha got?
- 22 LR ammo
- Fly tying materials
- Hooks
- Fly tying books
- Volunteer time
- Etc


Outing Information Only / Re: Christmas Bay - March
« on: March 11, 2014, 01:16:40 PM »
Topic Unlocked!


Events and Information / Re: 7th annual Nature Fest
« on: March 11, 2014, 04:59:57 AM »
We have the booth locked. 

Start 2014-05-26 1000 (April 26th, 2014 @ 10:00am)
End   2014-05-26 1700 (April 26th, 2014 @ 5:00pm)

TFF has been asked to give a casting demonstration again this year.

I sent a shotgun request for volunteers last month.  If you didn't get it, and want to join in on the fun, let me know.


George brought 5 of the club rods to the fly tying class last night.

5 rods + 30 kids + 45 minutes = Fun filled chaos.

I plan to bring a couple of my "expendables" with me also.

Who is up for casting class?


As of right now it is on.  2014-03-10-0630

Thsi trip is planned for this weekend.  We will need boat rides because the turbulance below the dam can get too rough for a kayak.

We have less than 10 people signed up. 

We still don't have a leader that is familiar with the area.  I've seen it on a map. 

I'd like to have everything lined up by Wednesday, or we can cancel the trip due to lack of participation.

Keep an eye on it, and let's see how it goes.


Tying Chat / Hook boxes that sit at my tying station......
« on: March 09, 2014, 03:44:58 PM »
I was asked, more than once, what the hook boxes that I had in front of me were.  Here is what I've been using for years.

Spirit River Hook Box, 20

BPS used to carry a Wapsi box that was something like it (Wapsi Hook Box Pro 20).  I can no longer find it at BPS.

I am not endorsed, just saying what I use, and what works for me.


Outing Chat / Re: Bayou Bassin - They're Back!
« on: March 09, 2014, 03:27:40 PM »
E-mail sent.


General Discussion / Re: TFF at the Houston Fishing Show 2014-03-05
« on: March 09, 2014, 08:30:51 AM »
I just couldn't get rid of the skunk....

As you can see, this was a good time. 

We had hundreds of people we talked to on Saturday.

Outing Chat / Re: Pond Fishing for Bass& Perch
« on: March 07, 2014, 09:54:26 AM »
I must be one of the fortunate ones.

The lakes in our neighborhood have a 6-8 foot concrete lip, but there is also some underwater structure in place.  The pieces look like parts of lawn chairs, with weeds growing on them.

The aeration from the fountains is enough to keep the lakes from getting too hot. 

I've only seen one lake get a fish kill, and that was from a fire ant control gone badly. 

There are no fish feeders but there are enough people feeding the ducks that the fish get dog food and bread on a routine basis.  I'm pretty sure that the larger bass and catfish supplement their diet with ducklings. Once the water warms up a little we can catch LMB, catfish, bluegill, and the occasional crappie out of the ponds within walking distance. 

The major challenge is your back-cast.  Pedestrians take a dim view of you hooking their poodle, or kids. 

I generally take a 3-5 wt, or my spey rod, along with a selection of favorite flies, and spend a few hours walking and casting.


Volunteers, please step forward.

We had a great time last year, and expect to do so again.


General Discussion / TFF at the Houston Fishing Show 2014-03-05
« on: March 06, 2014, 08:08:51 AM »
Houston Fishing Show

There were people waiting for the doors to open 15 minutes before the start time.

I didn't take any pictures yesterday, but we had a steady stream of people stop to talk with us.

From the time I sat down, I must have tied 4+ dozen flies, and given away 1/3 of them.  I only tied 3 patterns, Hare-E, Bendback, and yellow spider.

Casting the practice rod in the aisle got Jason a lot of strange looks.  And casting to redfish on the PC display does not count as "sight casting"

When Adam showed off his rodless casting technique, we got even more people dodging the fly lines.

John’s SoloSkiff was a great draw.  I have no idea how many people stopped by just to see that watercraft.

I’ll be back there tying on Saturday.


Tying Chat / Bread, beer, and fly tying:
« on: March 05, 2014, 06:12:51 AM »
Bread, beer, and fly tying:

4 of us were on hand for the Katy Navy Fly Tying (KNFT) last night, John P. Michael M, George S. and Puck.  Nilo had made some goodies to go with the sourdough bread.  “Arrogant Bastard” beer from Stone brewing company, and jalapeno beer from a Katy brewery, topped of the libations.  That’s when we started tying flies.

The fly of the day was the Bendback.  Our group was exposed to:
1.   The uses of the new Mustad replacement for the 34011, and why choose that hook
2.   Materials for the body. 
a.   Craft fur
b.   Fish hair
c.   Bucktail
d.   Peacock hearl
e.   Flash
3.   Choosing eyes, style and color
4.   Finishing the head with sealant
a.   Aleenes fabric fusion
b.   CCG
c.   Booger glue (not used)
d.   Epoxy (not used)

John P. and Puck took a finished fly to the pool and watched it in the water while it was still light enough to see.  Craft fur dances in the water once wet.  John P. and Puck had already finished one fly, all but the eyes, by time the others arrived.

Mike M. picked up all kinds of tips and trick for these larger flies.  Contrasting colors seemed to be the biggest challenge for him.  And yes, there is a story here.

George took what I consider a 5-minute fly, added some artistry to it, and made it into a 10-15 minute fly.  His tweaks on the pattern gave the results a sleek, polished look.  I should have take photos of those.


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