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2 months away, and I'm already tying for this trip.

Yellow Spiders will be my fly of choice this time.

Tying the SCE yellow foam spider  a video


I plan to man the picnic table at the pool area with my fly tying gear on hand.

Ligons, and

Are on the tying list.


I did a little pre-fishing yesterday.  Since I had Lilly with me the only casting I could do was into the middle of the lakes.  Stealth is not her strong suite.

The bluegills and redears were staging just outside of the spawning beds, with the bass up in the shallows feeding.   I expect by next week for the water to have wormed up enough for the fish to really turn on.

Here are some pictures of yesterdays' catch.


Question: Do we pay at the entrance?

I've paid my dues, so me and my gal will be camping the night before. And we'll gladly bring some food/drink to share!

Pay when you get there.  I'll be the guy signing folks in, and taking the fees.

See you next Friday.


The Alamo Fly Fishers will once again host the Annual Bud Priddy "Any Fly" Contest on the Nueces River on Saturday, May 2, 2015.
The big change is that any fly or flies can now be used. No restrictions.
Registration will be 7:00am to 8:00am at Lindbergh Park in downtown Camp Wood, TX. The registration fee is $20.00 and a donated fly. Fishing is allowed from 7:00am until 5:00pm. Results are due before 5:30pm at the Casa Sifuentes Restaurant which is located on the main street in Camp Wood. Dinner is included in the entry fee.
Lefty Ray Chapa

Tying Chat / Re: We've got...
« on: April 02, 2015, 09:46:18 AM »

I plan to bring every fly rod that Nilo and I own to this event (not as many as you might think :( ), along with a kickboat.

I keep telling folks about my favorite fly rods, but never get a chance to show them off.

This is that chance.


So far, as of 2015-04-02-1100, we have:
Greg A.
John P.
Randall R.
Chris S.
Bill C.
Don H.

Plus 3 more volunteers from TPWD that are not "TFF trained."

This is going to be fun!


General Discussion / Re: Find the Windknots right here!
« on: April 01, 2015, 09:05:15 AM »
Latest edition is on the mark.

Do you have a contributor for next month's FOTM yet?


Quote from an e-mail

"Hello All,
We are looking for Volunteers to assist with this event. we have leadership already in place. But will need additional support with AED Instructors.  We will have a very nice outing with Cypress Spring H.S. (30)+ H.S. Students at Somerville State Park. We will have to leave supper early to beat the bus there for this Fly Fishing Event. If you’re interested please contact me regarding participation.
April 17, 2015 from 6:50 am until 12:30 pm at Somerville State Park. URL : -    Lake Somerville - Nails Creek Unit State Park - Park Headquarters  Thanks

Greg Akins"

Texas FlyFishers of Houston
Event:  Colorado River

When:     16th of May, 2015   
Where:       Columbus, Texas
Start Time:  0730
End Time:    1630
Trip Leader:  Ralph H.
Phone:       later
e-mail:     later

Trip Description: See above...

How to sign up:
1. Sign Up Here,
2. On the sign up sheet distributed at the monthly meeting
3. Or e-mail the trip leader.

More later


Tying Chat / Re: We've got...Crab, recipe
« on: March 23, 2015, 06:46:41 AM »
Crab, recipe:

Size 2-6 B10S hook  (I use size 6)
3/0 or size “A” thread, brown or gray  (I use brown “A”)
Lead, or lead free, wire, size .030 or .035
Fingernail polish, clear or brown, to cover wire of base body.
Micro chenille, tan, brown, green, or cream (I have a few colors, but use tan)
Aileen's fabric fusion
EP eyes, see Fly Tyer magazine, or Drew Chicone’s book “Redfish Flies”, or make your own.
Furry foam, tan, cream or brown (I have tan) or McFy Foam ®
Cyanoacrylic glue
Permanent markers, red, blue, green, brown, black for the carapace

Video later


Damon's Seven Lakes / Re: 2015-03-22 trip with grandson.
« on: March 23, 2015, 05:10:13 AM »
Even after all the rain we've been having the fish were doing their thing.

Bass were in the shalllows, looking for food, and the large bluegills were staging in the deeper water just outside the spawning beds.


Damon's Seven Lakes / 2015-03-22 trip with grandson.
« on: March 22, 2015, 06:47:28 PM »
Mike fed us, and we caught fish....

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