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Bus waiver in progress.

TPWD rep, Greg, saw the students on Wednesday.  The young folks are excited about the trip.

Nails Creek staff are assisting...  A LOT!

5 TFF volunteers.  List updated this morning.

Weather looks to be cooperating.

More details when I am able to sit down and go through all the supportive e-mails.


After all of the second guessing, and hoping for better weather, etc. 

It looks like we made the right call to postpone until the 18th.

Weather Underground for Damon, Tx


I am not a fan of holding a lightning rod during a thunderstorm.

Due to the rainy weather forecast, and increased possibility of lightning, we are going to postpone the John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular until the 18th of April.  This is the exact same day as the SW trip to Port Mansfield, but it is still our best option for the make-up.

Please pass the word to any I may have missed.

We still need to post this up on Facebook

Don C. Puckett
Freshwater Chair
Texas FlyFishers

Weather is looking kinda nasty this weekend. Is there a backup plan?

Of course there is a back-up plan.  I am just waiting until the last possible moment to pull the trigger.  This afternoon will be Rubicon.


Outline drafted. 

Gathering pictures, and picking brains.


That would be great to attend, but the auction is that day as well.

And Bridgeland's Event


Updated flyer:

2 months away, and I'm already tying for this trip.

Yellow Spiders will be my fly of choice this time.

Tying the SCE yellow foam spider  a video


I plan to man the picnic table at the pool area with my fly tying gear on hand.

Ligons, and

Are on the tying list.


I did a little pre-fishing yesterday.  Since I had Lilly with me the only casting I could do was into the middle of the lakes.  Stealth is not her strong suite.

The bluegills and redears were staging just outside of the spawning beds, with the bass up in the shallows feeding.   I expect by next week for the water to have wormed up enough for the fish to really turn on.

Here are some pictures of yesterdays' catch.


Question: Do we pay at the entrance?

I've paid my dues, so me and my gal will be camping the night before. And we'll gladly bring some food/drink to share!

Pay when you get there.  I'll be the guy signing folks in, and taking the fees.

See you next Friday.


The Alamo Fly Fishers will once again host the Annual Bud Priddy "Any Fly" Contest on the Nueces River on Saturday, May 2, 2015.
The big change is that any fly or flies can now be used. No restrictions.
Registration will be 7:00am to 8:00am at Lindbergh Park in downtown Camp Wood, TX. The registration fee is $20.00 and a donated fly. Fishing is allowed from 7:00am until 5:00pm. Results are due before 5:30pm at the Casa Sifuentes Restaurant which is located on the main street in Camp Wood. Dinner is included in the entry fee.
Lefty Ray Chapa

Tying Chat / Re: We've got...
« on: April 02, 2015, 09:46:18 AM »

I plan to bring every fly rod that Nilo and I own to this event (not as many as you might think :( ), along with a kickboat.

I keep telling folks about my favorite fly rods, but never get a chance to show them off.

This is that chance.


So far, as of 2015-04-02-1100, we have:
Greg A.
John P.
Randall R.
Chris S.
Bill C.
Don H.

Plus 3 more volunteers from TPWD that are not "TFF trained."

This is going to be fun!


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