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From Crawford, he was in a tiny kayak:

"Tell everybody to bring a life vest. You don’t have to wear it but have to carry it. I got a $50 fine for not having one and had to get out of the 4 foot of water. Of course it was on the flipping Louisiana side. That state! I told the guy it was a surf board. He didn’t go for it."


Events and Information / Business Class Support, 2016
« on: September 16, 2015, 09:55:30 AM »
1/22 - Introduction, Equipment
One more volunteer needed

2/5 - Casting
8-15 volunteers needed

2/19 - Fly Tying
8-12 volunteers needed

3/4 - If needed as an alternative date or 4/1 (3/18 is Spring Break)

Anybody going to post a report with pictures? Fishing was good, bad, or Skips case UGLY? Who caught what and how many? Sorry I could not make this adventure. But I'm sure glad I stayed had issues on 2 projects that needed immediate decisions.  All is good now. ;D
Please report here and not on Facebook.

As soon as I can plant my feet for more than a few hours, I set up drop box and work on the report.

BTW, the Lonestar Fly Fishers  in Tyler is a great group, and I think we should team up with them as much as possible.

Skip and I met them last night.


6 people signed up with only 2 weeks to go.

Is this normal?


Red Tide is in progress.  A fellow TFF let me know about it.

General Discussion / Re: VHF radio recommendations
« on: September 15, 2015, 07:07:23 AM »
Cobra MRHH500FLTBT Floating VHF Radio is what I, and others, have.


General Discussion / Re: new kayak
« on: September 14, 2015, 09:20:51 AM »
Now go get it slimed!


I'm bringing my camp cooking box - big fork, spatula, pots, cooking oil, salt/pepper, soap, paper towels, Coleman stove, matches, paper plates, cups, and plastic wear.  I have plenty for all.

The only things I'm not bringing are a large skillet and a large pot.

I'll bring a cast iron skillet.


Puck, I will bring some catsup, mustard and chips.


Chips sound good. 

John is bringing K&M, and plates.

We still need  forks. 

If anybody has any of those long camp forks, a few extra won't hurt to have on hand.

Meal planning:

Group dinner Friday night:
I am bringing 2 dozen HN hot dogs and buns that we can cook over the campfire, or if it get rainy, in boiling water on the stove.
Need chips, plates, ketchup, etc.

Saturday breakfast, and on:
Bring what you want, and feel free to share what you bring.
I'll bring a bunch of dehydrated stuff.

Water and gator-aid is the key to staying hydrated.


I say we go with the current plan.



Based on our past with this trip, let's go fishing next weekend:

1.  If we move the date, we loose some of attendees due to scheduling.
2. If we call it "rained out,"  not everybody will get the word, and then the ones that missed the word and hit the beach have a great time, without us.  Ask Alex, and Eduardo.
3.  Rain doesn't hurt the fishing.
4.  Sand packs when it rains making it easier driving.
5.  The numbers of people will be down if there is even a hint of rain, giving us miles of fishable water to ourselves.
6. I'll probably think of other points later in the day......


Long-range weather forecast has 60% chance of rain on Fri. and Sat. but only a 40% chance on Sun.  Looks about normal for our PINS trips :).

Meet you down there!

The worst than can happen is that I get my hair wet.


General Discussion / Re: Best way to store flies w/ weed guards
« on: August 31, 2015, 04:40:43 AM »
If they have weed guards you don't want to deform the mono, so storing them loose in a small open style box may be the safest way to make sure the guard will remain in place.

I've tried the MFC boat box for my flies, and the only issue I have to date is still the mangling of the weed guards.

I don't tie many weed guards, as one of my favorite flies is the bendback.


GPS points sent to the folks that are signed up.

See you guys tomorrow morning at 0700.

We are meeting so late in the morning to give the Anahuac Vampires a chance to go to bed.

I plan to spray my clothes down tonight as I load the kayak trailer.


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