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Tying Chat / Kevin describing his first days as a Texan
« on: July 23, 2015, 05:51:45 AM »

Outing Chat / PINS exporing, 2015-06-26 through 28
« on: June 30, 2015, 09:33:14 AM »
5 of us tried our luck at PINS for the weekend.  Tundra, Tacoma, Hummer 2.

Easy driving!

Fishing suct.

30+ mph wind killed at least one tent, and making cooking dinner impossible that Friday night. 

Water was dingy, and not the clear clean water we are used to seeing in the fall.

No bait in the first or second gut.

Shark anglers were also getting skunked.

I made 2 trips through Yarborough Pass.  My first, and my last.  I high-sided my blue truck and was throwing sand everywhere as it tried to get traction as I went into the pass.  Even the Hummer had a challange.  The guy over at Laguna Madre was catching specs on jigs, but with the rough travel, huge mosquitoes, and marsh gas, I think I'll stay on the beach from now on.

High tide seemed to bring the whiting into the first gut.  We harvested some whiting for meals later, but even ladyfish were slow to bite.

A few pictures later in the week.


Outing Information Only / South Llano River float trip, DRAFT report
« on: June 15, 2015, 04:57:28 AM »
Texas FlyFishers South Llano River float trip 2015

The Texas FlyFishers started showing up at camp, Morgan Shady Park ( late Friday morning.  The routine of checking gear, talking about the fishing, setting up camp, and general chatter kept the group busy until René broke out the charcoal grill. Quickly the focus became food as he deftly grill bratwurst followed by hamburgers. 

A phone call to our livery, Fun in the Sun Canoe Rentals, just to make sure that they would be there at 0530, and the wake-up time noted, the dinner chatter wound down as folks drifted off to beds.

Fun in the Sun Canoe Rentals showed up at 0540 and immediately set to work loading watercraft.  The small crew made short work of getting all the kayaks on the trailer and us into the bus.  We made it to the water at a perfect time, just a few minutes after sunrise.

There were 12 anglers in 11 watercraft on Saturday.  The canoe was to be the “mother boat” and had a nice cooler of drinks in it.

The weather stayed overcast and comfortable the entire day.  The river was up from last year by 9-12”, making the paddling much easier.

We had 5 swimmers that day with one double dip.  There was this one log that got every one of us within the first mile of the trip….

One young man that we met on the river performed 2+ good deeds for us and others.  He saved a rod for us as our double dipper swam the second time, and was able to perform first aid (hook removal) with a tool that we had dropped at the launch, which he returned when he caught up with us.  I hope he gets in touch with us and joins some of our outings.

3 and 1/4 lost, and recovered rods.  One broke rod, on the “mother boat.”  It was a nice TFO so it will go back to the factory shortly.

Mary-Kay looked like a mayfly caught in a spider’s web as she tried to help Russell recover his reel by pulling on the fly line and backing until the reel and bottom part of the rod surfaced.  Skip had a handful of the stuff, and was just barely out of reach.  Russell was anchored, and had his hands full with fly line, rod parts, and fast water.  All of this happened at the bottom of a swift run.  30 minutes later we were all back on the water, with all gear salvaged.

Guadalupe bass, Largemouth bass, Bluegill, yellow sunfish, green sunfish, Rio Grande Perch, and gar were all caught.  I didn’t see any monsters pulled out, but there were some nice fish caught.  The numbers of fish caught is another story completely.  Most of us stopped counting at around 50.  After a few hours I switched from a size 12 spider to a larger, size 6 S1B, to entice larger fish.

The range of flies that worked was a varied as the anglers.
a.   Yellow spiders (see photo for another reason this fly may work)
b.   Hare-E
c.   Brown spiders
d.   Briminator
e.   S1B
f.   Gurgler
g.   And I could probably get a list from the participants as to what worked for them.

The first of our crew was off the water at about 1500, with the last showing up at camp at 1700.  7.21 water miles covered on this stretch.

Pizza was fetched for Saturday night’s supper and quickly consumed.  By about 2300 the camp was once again quiet.

Sunday morning was a leisurely affair.  Coffee, breakfast, tinkering, packing, good-byes, and a late start of 0900. 

5 people in kayaks on Sunday for the short run between crossings. Five of us decided to head back to Houston, and two of us were just too banged up to enjoy another day in the kayak. On the water before 1000, with 2 base camp crew waiting at the take-out point.

I'll actually work on this more as the week goes on, as well as setting up a "dropbox" for the photos.


Sell Anything / Soloskiffs for sale..
« on: June 04, 2015, 04:32:56 AM »
Soloskiffs for sale.. 

Did one of you guys say you were looking for one?


Special Events - Local, National, whatever / Rendezvous 2015
« on: June 01, 2015, 10:51:07 AM »
Oct 30 thru Nov 1.

North Toledo Bend State Park.

A 3 day event.

Walter McClendon is our point of Contact.

Details to follow.


12th Annual Oktoberfisch Fly Fishing Festival

October 16 - 18, 2015
(Rain or shine!)

S. Llano River, Junction, Texas

Some details here

Last years' pictures here and more


Tying Chat / An idea
« on: May 26, 2015, 01:05:55 PM »
Frank S. showed us this trick with the binder backs,  and our Nilo gave me the rack to store them on.


Outing Chat / Locall ponds with a 5wt
« on: May 23, 2015, 03:56:14 PM »
Fishing was poor with topwaters, so I switched to a "Ligon" size 6 and this is what happened.


Fly Fishing Gear / Bucks Bags Bronco inflatable pontoon boat
« on: May 22, 2015, 11:38:02 AM »

I can't justify buying it, but it is a great little watercraft.


Outing Information Only / White Oak Bayou (July 11th, 2015)
« on: May 19, 2015, 07:58:19 AM »
Texas FlyFishers of Houston

When:   2015-07-11 (July 11th, 2015) 
Where:       White Oak Bayou, Map
Start Time:  8 AM
End Time:    3 Pm
Trip Leader: Golden
Phone: TBD
e-mail:  TBD

Trip Description: Local fishing done in a laid back style...  More to follow

  How to sign up: 
1.  Sign Up Here,
2.  On the sign up sheet distributed at the monthly meeting
3.  Or e-mail the trip leader.

How to get waiver forms: Download PDF form here. Required  Waiver of Liability, filled out and signed, along with emergency contact information.

Cost: No anticipated cost (You may want to bring cash for lunch)

Directions: Meet at the store at the corner of Hollister & W Little York
About the area:  Urban fishing along the banks of the bayou.

Important items:
• Member dues are current!
• Waiver of Liability, filled out and signed, along with emergency contact information.  ( Can be downloaded here )
• Extra change of dry clothes
• Wind and/or water proof jacket
• Lunch, Water, snacks
• Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellant
• Hat, Polarized Glasses
• First Aid Kit

Recommended Equipment: 3-5 wt

Recommended Flies: Woolly Buggers, Poppers, clousers.

Recommended guidelines for participants:
• Notify the trip leader if you have any potential concerns
• If inexperienced, then buddy up.
• Have proper safety equipment
• If you are boating or kayaking, inform the trip leader of your float plan if planning to fish alone or longer then the designated times.
• Sign in and sign out at the launch site. Inform the trip leader if you will be launching in a different place.

Tying Chat / Tying before the TFF meeting
« on: April 27, 2015, 06:20:02 AM »
I'l be tying the S1B (Sam's One Bug) in preparation for the Colorado River at Columbus, Texas, Saturday, May 16th   Details

And the yellow spider, in preparation for the South Llano trip,  Details


10 volunteers
b) TFF
c) Interns
d) School staff

21 students (my count could be off slightly)

As we waited for the bus to arrive we started the coffee pot, set up chairs, and made introductions as we drank our coffee.

The first 30 minutes or so after everybody moved into the pavilion, we talked about:
1. Safety
2. Why fly fish.....
3. Difference between fly casting and conventional tackle.. (Thanks Don H.)
4. Basic mechanics behind casting....
5. Rigging the fly rod, which turned out to a be a lot of hands on...
6. Knots, more hands on..

Then we moved out into the grassy areas, which this state park has plenty of, and began flinging lines.

Once we could get the lines out more than 3 rod lengths it was time to move to the water.

1.  We saw fish, gar, bass, carp, but no takers.
2.  Somebody saw a snake.  I didn't get to it in time to ID it.
3. The water was just starting to recede from the recent rains, and even the bluegill weren't interested.

Lunch whistle was blown at 1200 and it was back to the tables for lunch, and more chatting.  Students were interviewing the volunteers for their homework assignments as we sat.

As everybody started loading up for the trip home, a quick look around for any debris yielded nothing.

Now that we know this can be done, and how much fun it is, we need to look for opportunities to do it again.

I'll look at some pictures to see what I can post later this week.

Freshwater Chair
Texas FlyFishers

Outing Chat / DRAFT: Devils River Adventure 2015 with ReelFly
« on: April 14, 2015, 10:08:15 AM »
Devil’s River 2015

Met up and left Katy at 1300, after transloading all of our gear.  We had a new guy join the group this year, our VP, John Purcell.

We arrived at the new camp in the dark following country style directions “Go across the third cattle grate.”  This year we didn’t stay at the “Who Cares, B&B” but instead stayed at a site much closer to the launch location.

As we unloaded our night gear and started telling. “remember when….”, and “what if…” stories”, We drank some wine and a little whisky around the campfire as we unwound from the long road trip.

The stars were bright as we set up sleeping bags on the cots that were already set up in a tent with a heater.  We turned the heater off to sleep, figuring that we would be warm enough in the sleeping bags to not need it any more.  It turns out that was an error.  Puck was up at 0430 and saw that frost had covered everything and turned the heater back on.

The hearty hunter’s breakfast didn’t happen. Eggs, hashbrowns, etc, didn’t survive the unseasoned pan, or the new camp cook. Yoghurt, fruit, and granola filled the bill, and away we went.

I hope one of us took a picture of the rugged road to the launch.  This is rough terrain, and sometimes an extremely rough road.  Actually giving it the name “road” is being generous.

As the guide crew loaded gear into rafts, George was in the water, slinging line, before the rafts were even off the shore.

Gear was checked off as it was placed into the rafts. One oversized bag had to be trimmed.  25L was supposed to be the largest size we take with us.  I expect the packing list to be revisited again before next year.

Finally on the water, slinging line, as we made our way to the first obstacle, Dolan’s Falls.  As the guide crew started unloading the gear for the portage, 6 kayaks showed up at Dolan’s Falls at the same time we did. 

To give us more fishing time, less time at the falls, the anglers pitched in to get the gear moved around and place back into the rafts. By working carefully, everybody, all 13 of both parties, made it down with no incidents.

Fishing the first day was slow, but the scenery more than made up for it.

Travis landed a gar. The fight can be described…   I probably should let Travis tell this story.  Gar over paddle, not trying to lip it, etc….

A smallmouth bass attacked the raft, like jaws from the deep.  Again Travis is the guy for this one..

John had a really nice smallmouth on for almost 8 seconds. He spent another 30+ minutes casting to it.  The guides kept pointing her out, but she developed a bad case of lockjaw.

We could see the fish, but very few would open their mouths to eat.  Even the longear sunfish that were so voracious last year were slow to bite.

Camp the first night was set up by the time we got there, and the gear was unloaded. Bratwurst was served for dinner, with wine and whisky.  We woke a little later than expected and had chrizo for breakfast.

The fly of choice for the second morning was poppers.  We had a few takes, but again the bites were slow.

This is the day that the wind decided to change direction, and speed.  The guides worked all day against the headwind.  If they stopped for a moment, the rafts were blown back up river.   I can only imagine how the kayakers ahead of us were fairing.

Camp the second night was a little later getting set up. The wind had slowed us all down, to include the cargo raft.  We had steak, corn, and potatoes, for dinner. Almost nothing is more entertaining that watching Ryan try to get the potatoes out of the coals with his bare hands.  Coffee was served with pancakes, bacon, eggs, for breakfast.

Did you know that if you use dry ice, and leave your vegetables unwrapped, that they will absorb the flavor of the CO2?  Carbonated avocadoes and tomatoes make for an interesting side dish.

The wind died down on the last day, but the fish still were not biting. 

We were off the water at 1400.  The raft were loaded onto the van, and the trailer, only to listen to one of the trailer tires hiss at us as it went flat.

Back to Katy at 2330, to transload, and send folks home.

Already we are talking about next year.

I need to put some pictures into this write-up, and get some other viewpoints.


LOL / Why I fish.....
« on: April 13, 2015, 08:04:57 AM »

Outing Chat / Walk around the neighborhood ponds...
« on: April 12, 2015, 07:51:32 AM »
Lilly and I took a walk around the neighborhood ponds when we had a break in the weather. 

I was using an old pattern called a Ligon  (a link to Breambugs), that was once sold by Accardo & Pecks, size 6 and black.

The rod was a 7/8 Ugly Stick fly rod, by Shakespeare, that I bought back in 1992, and for years it was the only rod I owned.  Before the rain came pouring back down, it proved that even at it's advanced age, it can still catch fish. 

8 LMB 1/4-2 pounds
2 Redear, 1/4 and 1 pound.


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