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Outing Information Only / JSFSS - April 5th, 2014, outing report
« on: April 06, 2014, 08:14:04 AM »
52 people signed in, and had lunch.

4 from San Antonio, 2 from our High School group.  The remainder from the Texas FlyFishers, and current members of Damon 7 Lakes.

One of the groups from San Antonio camped out in a tent.  I also stayed overnight, and pre-fished the day before.

The weather forecast said that there would be rain.  The forecast was wrong about the rain, but the wind and cloud cover they got right.  Once you found a protected area, you could cast.  Another option was to make a heroic roll cast with the wind at your back.

The winner of the event was George S. with a 9+ inch bluegill.  Yes there is a photo. 

Harry C. gave some of his fishing time to educate 3 people new to the sport.  One of those was a high-schooler that had never fished before.  Every time I watch him teach, I am impressed with his patience, his ability to explain how fly casting works, and I learn something new every time.

Lunch was gumbo, rice, fried fish, chips, and hot dogs.  There was plenty of food, and even more fun.

More details shortly.


Outing Chat / Waiting for a ride......
« on: April 01, 2014, 11:49:57 AM »
These guys were sitting by a river, waiting for a ride........

Outing Chat / Sabine River, generation canal 2014-03-22
« on: March 22, 2014, 06:47:06 PM »
The plan was to hit the river at daylight and then visit with my old neighbors near the area.

On the road by 0230, and kayak ready and loaded into the river at 0545.  I had checked the SRA to find out about any water releases.  One site listed "no generation until further notice."  Another listed only one generator operating at 0630.  What did I find at O-dark-thirty?  2 generators going full blast, and it looked like it had been going on for a while.

I tried to peddle up to an eddy that I knew was upriver.  I had fished from the shoreline at that spot a few times before.  The water was rough, turbulent, and flowing quickly.  I quickly realized that there was no way I could manage this in the dark.  As the sky turned from dark to gray, I let the current take me back to the launch point.  It was just too dangerous to keep trying.

Throwing a sinking line of the 5 wt brought a large freshwater drum to hand, but none of the large stripers that I could see blasting bait.  Even the white bass seemed to be out of reach for me again today.

After a couple of hours of casting practice, and fighting the current I decided to pack up and head over to "cold-water" the bottom released section of the river.  Pool #2 had a 40+ pound striper pulled from it a few years ago. 

I launched, again, at the "cold-water" side, and started travelling upriver.  Things have changed since the last time I was here.  The narrow part of the river that funneled the water from pool 1 to pool 2 was now just a mild flow.  I didn't take a trip down to see what pool 3 held. I pulled the kayak above the last rocks, and tried some edges, all with no luck.

The scenery was great, but the fishing wasn't what I was hoping for.

We have been invited to set up, and tie flies, at Bass Pro Shops in Katy

2014-04-01-1800 (1st of April, 2014, at 6:00pm)

I am posting this up on our forum to get some attention, and hopefully some more people looking over our shoulders.

Stop by and observe the mysteries of tying with goo.....

Surf and Smack (Spanish mackerel) candies is the pattern we plan to tie.

•   Hook Mustad 34011 sizes 4/0 though 4, and possibly 6
•   Mono thread, ( I use 6 pound test mono on a spool)
•   Fishhair, or other stiff plastic fly tying fibers
•   Light cure glues, Clear Cure Goo, or Tuffleye, etc. 
•   Stick-on eyes
•   Clear fingernail polish


Tying Chat / Pizza and Fly tying
« on: March 19, 2014, 06:17:08 AM »
6 of us sat around the table and tied the Seaducer.  (Marcos E.  Michael M.  John P.  Michael Q.  George S.  Puck)

A few of our guys had other obligations, and were missed, but talked about   :)

Pizza, beer, and wine were provided by MM, JP, and GS.

Nilo made baklava and dolma for us.

This was a "Stevie leading Ray" adventure, until Marcos showed us some of the details, materials, ect. to consider.  His seaducers are works of art compaired to my SCE version.

As part of the discussion we talked about moving the location.  I'll call Wes and see if either the 1st or 15th of April is available for our next get together.  We may not be able to have the libations at the next location, but I'm certain we can have food.

Surf candies, and smack candies are the next flies to tie.


Tying Chat / Simple shad start
« on: March 16, 2014, 03:48:50 PM »
I'm working on these.

These are the skeletons.


Tying Chat / Still organizing flies....
« on: March 15, 2014, 03:25:30 PM »
I went through all the little nooks and crannies in the man-cave and retrieved every loose fly.  These I threw into placed a plastic dish pan.  When I was done scrounging, I had a pile of unsorted flies about 3" deep. 

Now the fun began.  I have been spending most of this rainy day getting the flies separated into storage boxes, neatly.  I am down to half a layer in that dishpan, and then I can actually sit down and do some more tying.

Here are the bendback, clousers, MGMs, and cracks look like when they aren't in one tangled mess.


Outing Chat / Targetting stripers on the upper Guad
« on: March 15, 2014, 09:20:00 AM »
Matt B. and I left Katy about 0515, coffee in hand to get up to Satler to fish with Brent from ReelFly.  One stop at Buc-Ees for breakfast and more coffee, and we got there in record time.

Chilly morning dictated waders and wind jacket.  And as we flew across the water with a 42degree wind, it was still cold.  Blind casting, watching for birds, watchers the other anglers, drifting, trolling, nothing was working.

All morning without a solid connection.  As we moved into the river proper, this striper hit.  It was to be the only fish of the day.  Full sink line on a grey and silver Clouser.

Nobody was catching any fish this day, even the few that were using live bait.  High winds, clarity of the water, and who knows what other factors led to the slow fishing. 

Brent worked hard for us.  We didn't get off the water until 1900.

A quick visit to the shop, a Dr. Pepper to celebrate the fish, a cold beer, a lot of talk about the Devil's River trip coming up, and once again on the road.


Tying Chat / Hook boxes that sit at my tying station......
« on: March 09, 2014, 03:44:58 PM »
I was asked, more than once, what the hook boxes that I had in front of me were.  Here is what I've been using for years.

Spirit River Hook Box, 20

BPS used to carry a Wapsi box that was something like it (Wapsi Hook Box Pro 20).  I can no longer find it at BPS.

I am not endorsed, just saying what I use, and what works for me.


General Discussion / TFF at the Houston Fishing Show 2014-03-05
« on: March 06, 2014, 08:08:51 AM »
Houston Fishing Show

There were people waiting for the doors to open 15 minutes before the start time.

I didn't take any pictures yesterday, but we had a steady stream of people stop to talk with us.

From the time I sat down, I must have tied 4+ dozen flies, and given away 1/3 of them.  I only tied 3 patterns, Hare-E, Bendback, and yellow spider.

Casting the practice rod in the aisle got Jason a lot of strange looks.  And casting to redfish on the PC display does not count as "sight casting"

When Adam showed off his rodless casting technique, we got even more people dodging the fly lines.

John’s SoloSkiff was a great draw.  I have no idea how many people stopped by just to see that watercraft.

I’ll be back there tying on Saturday.


Tying Chat / Bread, beer, and fly tying:
« on: March 05, 2014, 06:12:51 AM »
Bread, beer, and fly tying:

4 of us were on hand for the Katy Navy Fly Tying (KNFT) last night, John P. Michael M, George S. and Puck.  Nilo had made some goodies to go with the sourdough bread.  “Arrogant Bastard” beer from Stone brewing company, and jalapeno beer from a Katy brewery, topped of the libations.  That’s when we started tying flies.

The fly of the day was the Bendback.  Our group was exposed to:
1.   The uses of the new Mustad replacement for the 34011, and why choose that hook
2.   Materials for the body. 
a.   Craft fur
b.   Fish hair
c.   Bucktail
d.   Peacock hearl
e.   Flash
3.   Choosing eyes, style and color
4.   Finishing the head with sealant
a.   Aleenes fabric fusion
b.   CCG
c.   Booger glue (not used)
d.   Epoxy (not used)

John P. and Puck took a finished fly to the pool and watched it in the water while it was still light enough to see.  Craft fur dances in the water once wet.  John P. and Puck had already finished one fly, all but the eyes, by time the others arrived.

Mike M. picked up all kinds of tips and trick for these larger flies.  Contrasting colors seemed to be the biggest challenge for him.  And yes, there is a story here.

George took what I consider a 5-minute fly, added some artistry to it, and made it into a 10-15 minute fly.  His tweaks on the pattern gave the results a sleek, polished look.  I should have take photos of those.


Tying Chat / Tying bendbacks 2014-03-03
« on: March 04, 2014, 09:05:42 AM »
Nilo picked the colors:

Outing Chat / Fishing the legendary Mardi Gras Minnow, part 2
« on: February 23, 2014, 01:27:24 PM »
Just took one of the latest batch and was fishing the local ponds.  6 LMB and one catfish.  The largest LMB went 8 lbs on the Boga grip.  I had an elderly oriental neighbor trail me, and took the occasional photo for me.  Total of the day was 7 LMB, 1 catfish.  Just a few pictures here:


Our second day is coming up!  2014-03-14 (next Friday, the 14th of March, 2014)

Day 2 (2014-03-14) - Fly casting
          In the hallway is what we did last year.

I will pick up 5 rods from George on Monday.  We have about 30 kids in each of these 3 classes.  A couple of inexpensive fly rods added to the bunch will help us split the group up better.  I have an Ugly Stick, and an Echo we can use. 

Let me know if you are still in the group.

Details, via e-mail, on when, and where will go out next Monday to our illustrious volunteers.


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