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Outing Information Only / Re: July Outing - Port O'Connor One-Fly
« on: June 18, 2015, 01:42:43 PM »
I can't wait to partake! I'm signed up.

Question: Do we pay at the entrance?

I've paid my dues, so me and my gal will be camping the night before. And we'll gladly bring some food/drink to share!

Outing Information Only / Re: Bolivar Marsh - August 16
« on: August 19, 2014, 09:16:29 AM »
So... the early starters didn't leave quit so early. In fact, one of them slept in.

I arrived at the boat launch at about 6:30. I called my buddy Caleb. My phone call turned out to be his alarm clock. He lives up in Conroe, so we both decided that he may as well roll back over in bed & chalk this up as a loss. Besides, the rest of the TFF guys were coming, so I could just wait for them. However, hindsight says I should have just gone home and went to bed too.

My SUP is far from being in good condition, and I'm uncoordinated and shaky in waves greater than 2 inches, so I decided to avoid crossing the ship channel. In the morning, I cruised around the shallows just northeast of the boat dock, but to no avail. I just caught me some shucked oyster shells.

The mud was pissing me off, so I decided to cross the ship channel to get to the rocky, sandy island. Once on the far side, I intermittently saw some exploding bait balls. A nice red & white seaducer enticed a beast, but sadly I snapped off immediately after setting the hook -- maybe I just got too damn excited when I tugged the line. I didn't see the fish, but... of course... it felt massive.

In total, I caught 2 fish. The total length of those fish equaled 4 inches... I skewered two unlucky baitfish while stripping through their schools.

Better luck next time

Outing Information Only / Re: Bolivar Marsh - August 16
« on: August 15, 2014, 06:23:36 AM »

Taking a look at the sign-up we have 8 of us, as of today.  One says he is on the trip, but not signed up yet.

Garland S.  (cancelled out)
John P. (VP)
Kevin M.
Mike M.
Tom A.
Will A.
Puck [Kayak]
Raymond L. [Kayak]

Let me know if we need some more coordination?


Oi, Caleb H. will be joining the excursion. He & I are meeting at the put-in at 6 & want to be on the water before sunrise. I'm sure we'll see you guys out there! And we'll definitely grab a bite to eat afterwards. I just wanted to let you know, so you won't be waiting for us

Outing Information Only / Re: Bolivar Marsh - August 16
« on: August 07, 2014, 02:20:40 PM »
I'm pumped for this skirmish. Is everyone just making a day-trip outta' this experience?

Oh, how I love the hammock story....!!!

Count me in for another grand experience / epic adventure / naughty word show. I'm down for whatever happens!!

I'm considering driving my 4Runner, and so I'll have 1 or 2 open seats for vaga bonds (depending on how much naughty word I feel I've gotta tote along). I'll keep you posted

You poor bastard. Why don't you just come down and hang out at the lodge all day instead of hanging sconces and curtains?

Heyyo, as of now (provided who's going) what's the damage$$ gonna be for the lodges?

Outing Chat / Re: Fishing the neighborhood ponds
« on: January 12, 2014, 08:03:14 PM »
I love Joe's fishing report. What pattern did he catch them with?

Outing Information Only / Re: Guadalupe One Fly - January 18th, 2014
« on: January 12, 2014, 08:01:09 PM »
I'll partake in the Italian food & festivities

Outing Information Only / Re: Guadalupe One Fly - January 18th, 2014
« on: January 11, 2014, 08:38:49 PM »
When is everybody leaving? I'm interested in leaving Friday, noon-ish. Anybody interested in splitting gas? I live in the Energy Corridor.

Puck- count me in for talking on Jan 31st. I can't yet commit to the other dates, but I'm interested!

So, what's the agenda? On January 1st, do we give a talk 3 different times, for 3 different classes in Periods 1, 2, & 3? Or are we speaking to one class, 3 different times throughout the next few months?

Whatever the hell happens, it should be fun. Just keep me posted.


Outing Information Only / Re: Guadalupe One Fly - January 18th, 2014
« on: January 03, 2014, 12:51:19 PM »
Alrighty. What's the approximate cost for the room?

Outing Information Only / Re: Guadalupe One Fly - January 18th, 2014
« on: January 02, 2014, 09:32:52 PM »
Yo! Count me in. And please save me a spot on the floor of the cabin where I can throw my sleeping bag. Deal?

Also, the cost for the Rio Raft access fee-- is this per vehicle, or angler? And how much? About ~$10 or so?

About You / Re: New to the group
« on: November 04, 2013, 08:12:03 PM »
Heyyo,  you say you're from Colorado? Which part? I moved down 6 months ago. Now where are you living?

Feel free to message me. Maybe we can watch the football game on December 22nd, when the Broncos are going to whoop the Texans.

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