Texas FlyFishers Mini-Expo, August - 2012


From fly fishing legends such as Dr. Ed Rizzolo, to others with an interest in fly fishing just begining, the 2012 Mini Expo brought out an energetic crowd. The doors opened to the Mini Expo at 6:00 p.m. and within minutes the room was alive with fishing talk and tales typical of a room full of fishermen.
Upon entering the room, visitors had an opportunity to visit and interact with many of the club's fine fly tyers who were lined up and ready to teach and talk about some of their favorite fly patterns. On the opposite side of the room, club members had on display examples of custom fly rods they had built including rods with delicate feather in-lays along with others built on bamboo blanks and all of the rod builders were eager to explain the details of how their rods were created. Finally, on the center stage were a series of speakers, each with slide presentations, to discuss past fly fishing adventurers including trips to Lake Nassar in Egypt, Labrador and New Mexico. Texas hill country legend and guide, Kevin Hutchinson also came in to town to present a discussion of fishing the different rivers of the Texas Hill Country and then of course there was the food which included some fine meat balls, thanks to the Sandy Lemke Catering Service. While all of this was going on in the inside, Capt. Steve Soule was outside giving casting instructions and demonstration to well past dark. We were also joined by a couple of local guides to give tips on where to fish and what to try for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend. As time wound down for the 2012 Mini Expo, the raffle results were announced and many visitors and participants left with some fine raffle prizes.
The 2012 Mini Expo was vibrant, energetic and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone in attendence. So, for those who came to visit, for those who came to exhibit, for those who came to serve as speakers and for those who just came to have a good time among friends and fellow fly fishermen, thanks for coming and we look forward to seeing all of you again at the 2013 Mini Expo of the Texas Fly Fishers.

Give or take a few, about a 100 people came to hang out and talk fly fishing..