Comments by Mike Graham

Just wanted to drop a note of appreciation for those who put our annual Christmas Party together for this year. What a wonderful time was had by all. It was great seeing the huge turnout of members and their spouses. The food was delicious and the deserts were almost illegal they were so good. I wish someone would have told me the SA Christmas Ale was 7% my God was it good when mixed with a little Lawnmower. Alex greeted everybody at the front door...just thought I would throw that fact in because with Lucy at his side nobody noticed Alex! She's a keeper old boy! Congratulations and her Dad has a fly shop too. MAN.

The guest speaker was awesome even for an old salt as I am. He was very polished in his delivery of his seminar. Some of those Alligator trout could stretch my line anytime! Really enjoyed him.

Now of course I can't go too far without saying that John Purcell and I waring the same Redfish print shirt was absolutely a riot. Never expected that as I have not worn that shirt in two years. Man does he have good taste or what?

Also I can't go too far without saying congratulations to our award winners. The 2012 Fish Whisperer - Jerry Loring and the 2012 Saltwater Angler of the Year Scott Breedlove are both extremely well deserved and we are glad to have them in our mix!

Well now we have a pretty high bar to shoot for next year and I will be looking forward to seeing you all there again. Happy Holidays and Tight lines to all.

Tables were full during the Guest Speaker's Seminar.

These two guys did a great job all year long. Thanks David and Chris.

To all the TexasFlyfishers.

Have a Joyous Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year.

From all the TexasFlyfishers.